Colorado Jogger Gets Some Extra Motivation When Elk Starts Chasing Him

Colorado jogger
Colorado Parks & Wildlife

How do you feel about people who jog?

Some of the time, I’m a runner myself and root on others for getting out in the great outdoors and exercising. Other times, I pass people jogging on the side of the road and utter underneath my breath:

“What? You think you are better than the rest of us because you have fancy shoes and you are getting your heart rate up?”

It really just depends on the day for me, but if you do happen to dislike joggers, then you’ll probably be delighted by this video of an elk chasing down an unsuspecting runner in a Colorado National Park.

I’m not sure that the music that plays in the background of the clip is appropriate for the situation. It really gives off a “3.5 star spa playlist” or a “stroll through Hobby Lobby background ambiance” more than it does an animal encounter.

I’d say that some heavy metal music would better fit the tone of the elk chasing people, or you could go for the always classic (and funny) “Cotton Eyed Joe.” That can really be played under any circumstance.

But instead, we have some peaceful music playing while a not-so-peaceful incident is taking place. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter account posted the video, which first shows what looks to be an up close and personal interaction with an elk.

Then, it shifts to a mother elk standing near a road, which looks to have heavy foot traffic. The first clip shows a younger couple picking up their small dog and leaping over the guard rail to get away from the female moose after it runs at them.

The next, which is the focus of this article, is downright hilarious (only because no one was hurt). A jogger wearing sunglasses is running up the same trail that the elk just chased people off of, and he’s keeping a close eye on the elk as he tries to run on by.

Well, the elk must not have liked his running form, or more likely didn’t like how close the man was getting to her offspring, and the massive animal turned the man’s casual jog into a run for his life.

The elk starts to move in on him, and as he looks over his shoulder, he absolutely turns on the jets to avoid being hit by the charging elk. I’m sure that man has never ran that fast in his life.

I’m afraid the whole thing might accidentally cause a new annoying workout craze (like CrossFit) where people go to National Parks and run near the wildlife. You know, just for that extra push to go the extra mile, or however many miles the animals would end up chasing you.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife sure hopes that something like that would never happen, as they captioned the video of the elk running after the jogger with:

“Mammas are strong & will protect their lil’ ones. Wildlife are protecting & raising their young. Moose, deer and elk with newborn calves and fawns can become aggressive to defend them.

What can you do? It’s simple, GIVE THEM SPACE & LEAVE YOUNG WILDLIFE ALONE.”

Check it out:

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