Joe Rogan & Cam Hanes Rave About Jelly Roll: “You Can’t Fake That Kind Of Authenticity… He’s A Freak Talent”

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Joe Rogan continues to rave about Jelly Roll.

After having the country music artist on his podcast, Joe Rogan continues to chat with guests about how much he loves his music and message.

This past week Rogan had endurance athlete and famous bowhunter Cameron Hanes on the podcast, and they spend quite a bit of their time together fawning over how much they love not only Jelly Roll’s story but his unbridled talent through storylike songwriting.

“You can’t fake that kind of authenticity. What that guy is, is authentic.

….This motherf**ker can SING.”

Rogan says.

After listening to a clip of “Need A Favor,” Rogan and Hanes continue to praise the artist for his ability to articulate thoughts that anyone can relate to.

“God damn, that guy’s good. That’s real….that’s a real dude.”

Rogan notes.

“There is just no denying that talent, the storytelling. It’s like a storytelling attribute, but the voice itself and how he delivers it.

And then, on top of it, the lyrics, so you put that all together, and you get something magic… like Jelly Roll. 

 I think a lot of people can identify that nobody’s praying when things are going great, or not nobody, but most people don’t. They’re like, “God, please give me another chance when something’s f**ked up.”

That’s why that song is so powerful to me because that’s me.”

Hanes adds to Rogan’s thoughts.

They both discuss how Jelly Roll’s ability to relate to such a broad audience given his background, having served time, and pulling himself out of such dark places. The typical viewer might see Jelly Roll’s past as a deterrent to listening to his music. However, those people are missing out.

They then play a video of “Save Me,” Hanes and Rogan are watching the music video with their full attention.

Rogan continues to rave about his story and where he is today, noting:

“He’s a freak talent.” 

I think it is safe to say that after Jelly Roll sat in the guest chair of Rogan’s studio, he gained the utmost respect from the podcast host. Their episode was vulnerable and deep and clearly left a lasting mark on Rogan, given he shares his love for the artist with many other guests.

Check out the powerful music video for Jelly Roll’s “Need A Favor”

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