Randy Houser Says Willie Nelson (At 90 Years Old) Is An Incredible Card Player: “He’ll Take All Your Money, Man”

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As if we needed further proof that Willie Nelson is a legend.

We’ve heard some awesome stories about the legendary country singer over the past several years. From getting into a shootout with his son-in-law, where he earned the nickname “Shotgun” Willie, and even the more mild ones, like when Toby Keith got so high with the guy that he couldn’t even function correctly.

Not to mention, Nelson is one of the most beloved personalities across the genre, regardless of who you are.

With that being said, Randy Houser recently went on Tracy Lawrence’s TL’s Road House podcast, and recalled an awesome story about a time he played cards with Willie.

And the thing about playing cards with Willie Nelson… he’s damn good at it:

“His favorite thing to do other than play music is play cards, and at 90 years old he’s still as sharp as anybody… he’ll take all your money, man.”

Houser confessed that he’s gotten to know Willie pretty well over the years, but the very first time they played together, Willie was kind enough to do a shot with him. Sounds like a pretty normal occurrence after a card game, right? So why does that matter?

Because at this point, Willie had stopped drinking alcohol… just California sober as they call it:

“I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with him out in Maui you know, I’ve gotten to know him over the years. The first time I played cards with him, you know Willie quit drinking a long time ago.

I went over to his house I was playing cards with him and a couple of his buddies, so he has this guy named Mudslide who prepares everything you need at the table, let’s just put it that way… keep everybody flowing, make sure nobody’s thinking clearly.

But I’d known that Willie didn’t drink or nothing, so at the end of the night he said ‘Randy you want a drink?’ I said ‘I don’t know,’ he said ‘Lets do a shot.’ Mudslide poured me and him a Jack, and Willie shot it with me.

You know that was pretty nice of him, I guess he figured hell I’m 87, he was probably 86 then, he’s like ‘what’s gonna happen now’ you know?”

I’d say that’s a pretty good testament to Nelson’s personality, as he was willing to take a shot with one of his friends even though he’d swore off drinking for years. But then again, after taking all of your money, I suppose that’s the least he could do, right?

The man, the myth, the legend… Willie Nelson.

Check it out:

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