Future NBA Star Victor Wembanyama Should Stick To Basketball After Poor First Pitch At Yankees Game

New York Yankees

If you are over 7 feet tall, you’ll be really good at some things (like basketball), but will have a hard time with some other things (like throwing a baseball or walking through normal doorways).

Good thing future NBA star Victor Wembanyama will be getting paid to play basketball because his attempt at the ceremonial first pitch at tonight’s Yankees game didn’t go so great. However, if he would’ve thrown a strike right over the plate, that would have made the rest of us all feel bad about ourselves, am I right?

It is always nice to see someone who is so incredibly talented and gifted actually struggle at something. When things like that happen, it makes us average-sized people feel a little less worse than we already do.

And I’m sure Victor was devastated (sarcasm) that he pulled his first pitch off the mound, because now all he has to look forward to is getting drafted with the number one overall pick at the 2023 NBA Draft this upcoming Thursday in Brooklyn, New York.

Wembanyama is making the most of the his trip to the “Big Apple,” soaking in all that the city has to offer, including a Yankees game:

And as he revealed in that interview, he bravely utilized the NYC’s famous subway system to get to the ballpark.

It doesn’t look like they designed the subway for people that are 7 foot tall:

Once Wembanyama, who is being hyped as possibly the best basketball player the world will ever see, made it to Yankee Stadium, he got warmed up for the honor of throwing the first pitch.

Whether you’re speaking about the excitement surrounding the basketball player from France or his actual physical attributes, everything about the guy is huge.

Which is why this picture of Victor holding a baseball (and making it look like a ping-pong ball) went viral on social media:

Big hands help in basketball, but they actually might hinder the control needed to throw a baseball. That’s probably why Wembanyama’s pitch from the mound was just a bit outside (wide left).

Props to him though, he threw from the bump and did the whole “wind-up” part of the throw. With the jersey on, everything about his pitch looked the part, except for the pitch itself.

Take a look:

Like I’ve reiterated, his bright future is in a different sport, so I doubt he loses sleep about pulling this pitch left and bouncing it off the wall behind home plate.

And if you are an NBA basketball fan, he’s 100% going to the San Antonio Spurs, so mentally prepare yourself for them to be good again and have a Tim Duncan dynasty-esque run.

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