Peyton Manning Ignites Internet Firestorm Drinking A Bud Light At College World Series

Peyton Manning

It’s 2023 ladies and gentlemen, which means that drinking a beer in a public setting is now a political statement.

The extremely like-able Peyton Manning has now even gotten caught up in the “Bud Light Boycott” bonanza after he was spotted sipping on the Anheuser-Busch product at this past weekend’s College World Series.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback was there to cheer on his alma mater, the Tennessee Volunteers, as they took on LSU.

In the photos that have surfaced of Manning sipping on the now controversial light beer, he appears to be taking in another game between the Florida Gators and the Virginia Cavaliers.

This tweet about how Manning handles those pesky “let someone by in the bleachers” situations drew some attention to the alcoholic beverage he had in hand:

And upon further inspection (zooming the photo in), it became clear that Peyton Manning was drinking an ice cold, refreshing, don’t-bring-it-up-at-the-Thanksgiving-table-this-year… Bud Light.

How could he do such a thing?

A number of individuals on the internet were outraged, however, it seems like many others rushed to defend the long time Indianapolis Colts and short time ( brutal to watch, although he won a Super Bowl era) Denver Broncos quarterback.

A Twitter account called “Message Board Geniuses” brought an SEC Rant message board to the internet’s attention.

The fact that Manning was drinking a Bud Light had someone claiming that he was a “woke piece of s**t.”

And as any conversation surrounding the former number one selling beer in America goes nowadays, the reply section underneath this message was running hot with all kinds of takes and opinions in regards to Peyton Manning’s beer choice.

While some voiced their disapproval, and as much as consumers hate Bud Light right now, they don’t seem to mind letting Peyton Manning drink whatever he wants.

Should’ve used a can koozie Peyton, and all of this could have been avoided…

Also, fun fact: Peyton actually owns shares in two Anheuser-Busch InBev wholesalers in his home state of Louisiana (or at least, he used to), so I wouldn’t expect him to throw it away anytime soon.

Tennessee wound up losing to LSU 6-3, however were able to rebound against Stanford tonight for a 6-4 victory.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock