Young Red Sox Fan Gets A Foul Ball, Immediately Fires It Back Onto The Field As Older Brother Watches In Disbelief

Red Sox fans

That’s not what you’re supposed to do with that, little buddy…

Spending a day at the ballpark and coming home with a foul ball is a highlight for many young kids. You take your glove with you and hope one comes your way, and when it does, that thing becomes a prized possession…to most kids.

But not to this young Red Sox fan.

Video shows a fan at today’s Red Sox game at Fenway Park against the Yankees handing a foul ball to a young boy a couple rows behind him. (Good on that guy. Giving the ball to a kid is always the move).

But the kid was less than impressed with the gift, and proceeded to launch the ball right back onto the field – much to the surprise and annoyance of his older brother.

As the dad tried to stop the kid from throwing the ball back, the brother is standing there with his glove on just watching in shock as the ball is fired back onto the field. And he doesn’t take it well, crying into his dad’s shoulder at his younger brother’s bonehead move.

But the Red Sox organization made it up to the young fans, bringing them a signed Kenley Jansen jersey – and a new baseball.

Hopefully they handed this one straight to the older brother.

The NESN crew even caught up with the family after they were given the gifts, while the young fan was still recovering from the trauma of his mistake.

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