Shark Fakes Out Cameraman, Acts Like It’s Going To Attack Then Swims On By

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Clean up on aisle “cameraman’s wetsuit.” I’ve got a feeling that this little scare from this Great White shark caught this diver very much off guard.

It appears that some underwater divers had the camera rolling on this shark when the sea creature brought out an all-time jump scare. The video is now going viral on Twitter, and for good reason. I don’t know if the world has ever really seen anything like this.

In the footage, the massive shark swims its way in between a group of divers, right towards the one filming this clip. The shark is obviously thinking “I am so tired of all these cameras” and decides to play somewhat of a trick on the person holding the camera.

Does this prove that sharks have a sense of humor?

In my personal opinion, yes I think it does. Instead of being aggressive and chomping down on the camera or the person holding it (or both), the shark is keenly aware of the “fear factor” that it possesses and leans into that ability with a quick “juke” towards the lens.

This quick burst would have stopped even the best NFL defensive ends right in their tracks. It most definitely made the cameraman’s life flash before his eyes.

Sharks usually won’t attack a human unless they confuse it with another form of prey that they would generally hunt. The “Shark Behavioral Handbook” says nothing about the creatures deciding to give people a scare though.

And you know what? I don’t blame the shark. It’s probably just trying to live its normal life, swim around and eat, sleep, procreate, you know the typical things shark worry about it. While it’s doing that, cameras are getting stuffed in its face like it’s some kind of celebrity.

We see famous people do stuff like this all the time, pushing cameras away or even yelling at paparazzi from time to time. The shark was simply trying to figure out a way to tell these camera wielding divers to stop bothering it besides eating one of them.

And it without a doubt could’ve eaten one of them if it really wanted to…

But instead, the divers keep all their limbs and cameras and get to go on with their lives (and probably continue to bother sharks) and get to go home with this now viral video.

Take a look:

Hopefully this shark doesn’t end up communicating with other sharks to plan an attack like all of those Orca whales are doing right now.

Those in the replies of the viral video had plenty to add to the shocking-yet-funny video of the shark faking out the diver:

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