Chris Janson Goes Ballistic On Fan Who Flipped Off His 9-Year Old Son On Stage: “You’re Gone, F*ck You”

Chris Janson country music

That’ll get you kicked out real quick.

Chris Janson was up in Minnesota this weekend playing the Kick’n Up Kountry Festival. He even brought his family with him, and at one point during the show his 9-year old son Jesse joined him onstage to help out on his 2022 song “The Reel Bass Pro.”

@ashleybstudios In case some of the Karen’s wanted to see what hppened PRIOR to Chris Janson’s outburst. It was not staged, he got triggered when his son got given the finger while performing a song with his dad! Stop being so hard on the guy. #part2 #chrisjanson #jessiejanson #countrymusic #fyp #karensoftiktok ♬ original sound – ꧁🖤AshleyB.🖤꧂

But when a fan decided to flip the bird at them while his son was onstage, Papa Bear came out real quick and Chris went nuclear on the guy:

“You flip me off again and I’m gonna whip your f*ckin ass myself, and that’s the truth. I’m not playing another note until he gets the f*ck out of this concert…

Yeah yeah yeah, tough guy, get out. You’re out. You’re out. Get the f*ck out of here.

Backwards hat. Backwards hat. Get him out of this whole festival. You’re gone baby. You’re gone. F*ck you.”

Chris then explained to the crowd:

“Everybody in this whole place has been amazing. I never raise my voice and I never cuss in front of kids, especially my own, but I will never put up with some punk flipping my kid off.”

After the situation calmed down, Chris explained himself even further:

“I don’t ever lose my cool like that but I was just sick and tired of it. I’d had enough. That’s it.

Everybody raise your hand if you’re ok with it.”

Yeah, I think if my kid were out there with me and some idiot was standing there flipping us off I’d probably go off on them too.

@ashleybstudios When somebody gives Chris Janson’s 9 y/o son the finger, the show gets stopped and you get a lifetime ban from Kickin Up! #youreout #countrymusic #goodvibesonly #chrisjanson #proudfan #kickin #disrespectful #musicfestival #minnesotacheck #minnesota #fyp ♬ original sound – ꧁🖤AshleyB.🖤꧂

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