Bear Dangles From Second Floor Window After Breaking Into Colorado Home, Eating Pork Chops

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Heidi Hannah via KDVR

First rule of home invasion: Always have an escape plan.

I actually don’t know if that’s true or not. I’m surprisingly not an expert on home invasion.

But apparently neither is this bear, who found himself in a precarious position after breaking into a home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The bear had apparently broken into the home through a first floor window, where he helped himself to the homeowner’s pork chops that they had set out for dinner that night before rummaging through the pantry to try to find some more snacks.

According to the homeowner Ryan MacFarlane, who wasn’t home at the time:

“He got his nails in there and just ripped that window right open and got inside and helped himself to my pork chops I had out for dinner that night, got some snacks out of the pantry and knocked over the plants — nothing too crazy.”

The neighbors witnessed the bear in the house and called police, but also caught the unwelcome visitor on camera as it tried to escape through a second floor window.

Apparently the bear made its way upstairs to the master bedroom, but didn’t really have a great escape plan from there. So it tried to climb out the window before realizing that it was too high and deciding to abandon the attempt.

You can see the moment the bear thinks about making the drop to the ground below, but then thinks better of it before climbing back inside the window. And once back inside, police arrived to open the bedroom door so the bear could retreat down the stairs and back out through the first floor window it entered through.

The bear then ran off into the woods and disappeared, probably thankful to be back on solid ground and not hanging onto the side of a house like Mufasa.

According to MacFarlane, the bear was a respectful – but unwelcome – visitor:

“I was definitely anxious to get there, and the thought was going through my mind that there were going to be thousands and thousands of dollars in damage. And that wasn’t the case this time. Grateful that he was a respectful house guest.”

Well, other than eating their dinner I suppose…

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