‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Dislocates Shoulder Celebrating On The Show & Can’t Spin The Wheel

Price is Right
Price is Right

Come on down! You’re the next contestant to embarrassingly injure yourself on the Price is Right.

Everyone loves the classic price-guessing daytime gameshow, and to be completely transparent with you all, I’ve always dreamed of being on the show ever since I started watching it as a kid. However, I now have an irrational fear if I ever did get the opportunity thanks to this viral video.

On an episode of the show that aired this past Wednesday, a contestant named Henry got up on stage for a game called “Bonkers” and went… bonkers when he won the game’s prize.

He was so enthralled by the victory that as he was swinging his arms around in pure bliss (careful, don’t hit Drew Carey), he dislocated his right shoulder.

Physically, that must hurt pretty bad. But mentally and emotionally, that’s got to be incredibly more painful just because of the embarrassment.

Once it came time for Henry to “spin the wheel” to see if he could get into the “showcase showdown,” he physically could not because of his injury and had to have his wife Alice sub in to spin for him.

Host Drew Carey explained the situation to the studio and television audience, and Henry’s significant other went ahead and spun the iconic, gigantic wheel of colors and numbers to see if they (now working as a tandem I guess?) could move on. Henry stood to the side and cheered her on with his one good arm and the other hanging limp beside his body.

For those not super familiar with the Price is Right wheel spin, the higher the number you spin (with the highest being 100), the more likely you are to win and get a chance at the show’s lucrative price-guessing finale.

Henry’s wife Alice stepped in and spun an impressive 95, which ultimately beat out the other contestants and sent the man with the dislocated arm to the “showcase showdown.” Carey hilariously told the couple to carefully celebrate the high roll and to “not hurt themselves.”

Henry’s luck ran out in the final part of the gameshow, overbidding on the prizes he was presented with and losing to his fellow competitor. However, he did still win a trip to Hawaii, and a trip to the hospital.

And he got to be a part of one of the more viral moments in Price is Right‘s recent history. Take a look:

The show mentioned in the video’s caption that Henry is thankfully feeling better and healed up now following his Price is Right injury.

The comments section of the post by the gameshow’s Instagram account managed to stay relatively positive about Henry’s unfortunate shoulder dislocation:

“What a trooper! He stayed the entire game, obviously in pain.”

“How do you win so hard, you lose?”

“You could see his arm just hanging. Felt bad for him but I couldn’t help laughing.”

“That was crazy to watch. He had to be in pain, but he kept going! So glad he gets a trip.”

“Not only did he win an $8,418 trip to Hawaii, he also earned himself an unexpected trip to the urgent care at Cedars Sinai one mile down the road on Beverly Boulevard from The Bob Barker Studio at CBS TV City.”

That last one was weirdly specific…

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