Are You Redneck Enough To Use A Snapping Turtle To Shotgun A Beer?

A group of boys in a river
Viral Outdoors/Instagram

Redneck ideas usually come about after a few cold ones on a hot day. Simply enjoying life just isn’t always enough, sometimes you need to spice somethings up, you know… take it to the next level.

Usually, when snapping turtles are mentioned in an event I’m intrigued to watch but eager to stay a safe distance. Their name isn’t a joke: That mouth can really get ahold of ya.

The fellas in this video are having one of those days down by the river, somewhere in South Africa if the hashtags are correct.

They just so happened to come across a snapping turtle…

But clearly, this ain’t their first rodeo. The guys are proceeding with caution. Proper technique on the turtle grab coming in from far behind the turtle’s head. The shotgunner very slowly moves the cold can in towards the snapper.

If it was a movie scene you would be throwing your popcorn as the turtle snaps and perfectly places the shotgun hole.

Bang on. The crowd cheers and the shotgun is then executed in proper fashion.

Although… this is not recommended to try at home, sometimes alcohol and snapping turtles don’t mix well.

Easy way to lose a finger…

Plus, I can’t imagine the turtle enjoys the taste of whatever the hell kind of low-carb, piss water light beer that is… seriously though, does anyone know what he’s drinking?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock