Tony Stewart Shoots Down Rumors That His Wife, Leah Pruett, Is Pregnant And That He’s “Freaked Out”

Tony Stewart NASCAR
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It may be Father’s Day weekend, but Tony Stewart is making clear that he WON’T be celebrating it as an expectant father.

The three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and co-owner of Stewart Haas Racing responded today to a recent article that he called “clickbait,” which discussed the possibility that Smoke could become a father with his wife, NHRA Top Fuel dragster driver Leah Pruett.

The 35-year old Pruett, who drives for Tony Stewart Racing and married Stewart in 2021, is 18 years younger than the 53-year old Stewart.

In the Autoweek article to which Stewart was seemingly referring, it quoted the driver as saying he was “freaked out” about becoming a father:

“I freaked out about the whole process, to be honest. I can’t even take care of myself. She has to take care of me.”’

But according to Tony, there’s nothing to be freaked out about:

“In these click-bait times, we often have to set the record straight. Despite a headline in a recent article, Leah Pruett is not pregnant and I am not “freaked out”. Our lives are the same now as when we started this season. Thanks… carry on”

Stewart has earned himself the reputation as one of the most outspoken drivers (and now team owners) in NASCAR, who’s never afraid to speak his mind or set the record straight.

And this Father’s Day weekend, he’s setting the record straight: There’s no baby Tony on the way (yet).

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