Deer Lets Out One Of The Strangest Screams You’ll Ever Hear

Roe deer bark

There aren’t many things worse than hearing the huff of a deer that is aware of your scent while you are hunting, but I just might put this glass-shattering scream up there on the top of the list.

Though it might seem odd for the animal to make this noise, it is actually quite common for deer to scream like this. They will usually bust it out if they feel threatened or scared, or even if they are injured.

I’m guessing the one in this video felt threatened by the person holding the camera? Tough to tell, and it honestly doesn’t really look concerned, but deer can be pretty unpredictable.

Remember, they jump out in front of fast moving traffic all the time, and they sometimes will even fly through glass windows or even attack kids with two-hoof punches.

It’s unclear what kind of deer this is in the video, it looks to be a roe deer, although I think it is safe to call it a “Screaming Deer” for the time being. Imagine if you were walking to your tree stand just before dawn, or making your way back down after dusk, and hearing this.

I would be scared out of my mind. The thing that sounds almost exactly like a human in severe, life-threatening distress, and if I was alone in the woods and heard it, there’s a high likelihood that I would not be going to check in on it.

Top 5 things that this scream sounds like? Sure we can do that real quick.

5. A Dad who is on a rollercoaster for the very first time and screams on each of the ride’s three drops

4. A prehistoric dinosaur

3. One of the zombies/infected people from HBO’s/video game The Last of Us

2. Me when I’m watching a mildly scary movie with predictable jump scares

1. A screaming deer/wild animal

I know, I know, number one lacks creativity and screams laziness, but if you do close your eyes and listen to it, the noise that comes from deep within this deer almost has to be made by some sort of wild animal.

Honestly, I love how calm and relaxed the deer’s voice is as it let’s out these bloodcurdling screams. Then, after it gets the three out of its system, it just kind of goes back to business as usual.

The hilariously shocking wildlife can be viewed below, with the caption:

“I didn’t expect that sound…”

Twitter users had a hard time believing the video as well, and came with all the jokes and comparisons you could think of in the comments:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock