Dude Has An Absolute Mental Breakdown After Hitting A Deer With His Car

Guy panic hitting deer
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Ahh, the old dash cam.

Good for proving fault in a car crash… and capturing people breakdown in the driver’s seat.

If you live pretty much anywhere in the US, there’s always something in the back of your mind while driving: Whitetail deer.

There are about 30 million of these creatures distributed through the continental US and are commonly found in every state but Utah, Nevada, and California. Just yesterday I was driving from Virginia to Pennsylvania and saw no lie at least 25 meandering the fields and forests off the highway.

According to State Farm, there were 1.9 million collisions between vehicles and deer from July 2021 to June 2022, which was actually a 5% decrease from the preceding period, but just goes to show how often these accidents happen.

Well, one such incident was captured by a dashboard camera and not only shows the guy absolutely wreaking a deer but going on to have a full on, high pitched, freak out over the ordeal.

I can’t even describe it, just take a look for yourself.

My dude, no one likes these things and it’s perfectly normal to be upset by it, but this seems like a bit too much. At least be thankful that it didn’t appear to completely destroy your car and you got out unharmed.

On the other hand, I feel for him.

The thought of killing a scared deer and potentially having to pay a ton in auto repairs hitting you all at once just isn’t a great moment… not one you really want to capture on camera either. But nevertheless, here we are.

Nothing he could have done in the moment, just another incident of wrong place, wrong time.

Check out this Volkswagen Beetle sending a deer flying nearly 50 feet in the air.

Cyclist Almost Gets Her Head Taken Off By Flying Deer

Damn, nothing is safe anymore.

These cyclists are taking a causal Sunday stroll in Weddington, North Carolina, or hell, maybe they’re training for the Tour de France… I don’t know.

But out of nowhere, a deer comes flying across the road, slams hard into an oncoming Audi, gets blasted into the air, and is coming straight for our cameraman’s head.

Thankfully, the deer misses the front of the pack and our cameraman in the back as well, but damn… life is a game of inches.

Head on a swivel on these roads, people.

Stay safe out there…

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