Deer Crashes Through Window Of House, Ransacks It, & Then Belly Flops Into Backyard Swimming Pool

Deer falls into pool

Unwelcome house guests are always the worst, and especially so if they don’t use the front door and instead choose to crash through one of your windows.

No one likes a “pop in” visit (or at least I don’t), but this deer didn’t care to give the New Jersey homeowner a warning that it would be stopping by. Fingers crossed that Dianne Twersky, the owner of the home, was hoping to get rid of some of her belongings, because the deer absolutely destroyed a good amount of stuff bouncing around her house.

According to reports, the deer came crashing in through one of the house’s windows, ran around the downstairs of the home, destroying a majority of the items and furniture in the space, then somehow ran back out of the house and crashed into the homeowner’s backyard pool.

So pretty much a condensed, fast-moving deer tornado…

In the interview portion of the story from New Jersey 10 News, Dianne Twersky spoke about the experience and how confused she was to see what she saw:

“I’d heard a glass explosion, and then I heard the house shacking and banging and I was sure it was an earthquake.

I slipped down the stairs and I peeked around the corner and shockingly I saw this deer running back and forth.”

The homeowner did not get the deer crashing around the house on camera, but she did catch it on video running around in the home’s backyard and eventually “belly-flopping” into the pool.

In the clip that is shown within the feature, you can hear Dianne yelling:

“No! Not the pool.”

It almost looked like it jumped off of a diving board as it splashed into the water.

The news story shows pictures that Twersky took after the deer had already run through the house, leaving behind a path of destruction with torn up chairs, knocked over side tables and lamps, and ultimately a huge mess for the short amount of time that the wild animal stormed around the house.

Twersky eventually called animal control to come and retrieve the animal, and after it was examined for injuries and determined to be healthy, the deer was released back into the wild.

If they make “deer proof” windows, Dianne might be looking into getting them installed in her house. I can’t imagine how much of a shock experiencing something like this would be.

I’d probably even think that I was dreaming.

Watch the news story below to see the pictures of the ransacked house and the deer “high-diving” into the pool:

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