10-Foot Crocodile Caught Swimming In A Florida Pool, Trappers Have A Time Getting It Out

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I think we can all agree by now that the state of Florida is different.

No, I’m not just talking about the insane “Florida Man” or “Florida Woman” headlines we see pop up everyday in the headlines…

I’m talking about the massive alligators that casually roam throughout the streets of the Sunshine State from time to time.

Or in this case, I should say a crocodile (same difference) in a pool.

Video footage is going viral of an ENORMOUS 10-foot crocodile that was discovered swimming around in someone’s pool in Monroe County, Florida this past Sunday.

As you can see in the video, the crocodile is going absolutely nuts as one brave trapper attempted to safely remove the creature from the pool.

According to Daily Mail, expert wildlife trapper Todd Harwick first tried to remove the crocodile out of the water from the far end, but couldn’t do it.

He said:

“We now have a slippery pool deck here.”

Assistant trapper Jeff Peterla then tried to get the crocodile out by its head, and was finally able to get it out of the water.

However, the crocodile wasn’t done battling, as it continued to struggle as the trappers tied it up.

Both of the trappers admitted that the creature was bigger than they initially thought.

Pesky Critters Wildlife Control Trappers posted the video to Instagram, saying:

“At 2am Sunday, June 11, 2023 wildlife officials received a call from a homeowner in Plantation Key at Mile Marker 90 about a MASSIVE 10ft American crocodile in their pool.

Pesky Critters Wildlife Control trappers were dispatched to fulfill their role as FWC Crocodile Agents. Expert wildlife trapper Todd Hardwick quickly secured the crocodile, even after it’s massive splashes created a slick and dangerous footing situation on the pool deck.

He and assistant trapper Jeff Peterla heaved it onto the deck where a Monroe county officer ( MCSO – Florida Keys ) then assisted them with moving it to a safe location for release.

Footage shows Todd Hardwick removing it’s restraints once relocated and gently but safely encouraging it back into its habitat.

Crocodiles are a threatened species in Florida, and endangered everywhere else in the United States.”

What an absolute scene…

Check it out:

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