Mako Shark Brutally Mauls Tuna As Anglers Try To Get It In The Boat

Shark attack
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The definition of nature trying to get back its food.

Although mako sharks have been known to attack boats and humans, those attacks are incredibly rare.

However, when a massive tuna is on the end of a line coming from a fishing boat, you best believe a mako shark is going to do everything it can to get the fish back in its possession, so it has dinner to take home that night.

And here is a prime example of that.

In this heart pumping video footage, you can see some anglers on a fishing boat off the coast of Nags Head, North Carolina were trying to bring in a massive tuna they had just caught, when all of a sudden a mako shark leaps from the water, and begins to devour the fish, basically splitting it in half.

Luckily, the anglers were able to get the remains of the tuna back on their boat, but most of the damage had already been done.

You can hear one guy say:

“That was f*ckin’ intense.”

It’s a pretty nasty scene, but it’s just further proof that you never know what kind of predator may be lurking below the surface of the water while deep sea fishing.

The videographer wrote in the caption:

“Check this out. Video I caught last week of a 9-10 foot Mako shark attacking one of our tuna while the first mate had him gaffed.

Off the coast of Nags Head.”

Check it out:

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