Kyle Busch’s Waterfront North Carolina Mansion Is Up For Sale For $13 Million

Kyle Busch's house

Living life in the fast lane is within reach.

Or at least living in a place where someone else used to live in the fast lane if you happen to have $13 million dollars…

Kyle Busch is no stranger to NASCAR’s victory lane, winning big races like nobody’s business and ultimately becoming one of racing’s highest paid drivers.

It has been pretty normal for Busch to rake in upwards of $10 million dollars a year, so a $13 million dollar waterfront home in North Carolina is chump change for the left turn specialist (NASCAR joke).

According to, this luxurious home is located in Denver, North Carolina, sports seven bedrooms and sprawling over 15,000 square feet. The thing looks like a castle sitting right on the beautiful Lake Norman.

The interior of the home is breathtaking itself, but the property the house sits on, along with its expansive outdoor pool area, makes it any outdoorsman’s (or women’s) dream home.

The home sits within a gated community in an upscale community, so there’s a large part of the population that will be priced out of this real estate race.

I mean, I don’t have anything close to $13 million dollars, do you?

Lucky for Busch, the lakefront property was purchased back in 2012 for only $7.5 million, so if the NASCAR driver was able to sell it for the listing price, he would be close to doubling his money (quick math).

Pictures you’ll see of the property will show off the $1 million dollar renovated kitchen, the elevator, the bedroom suites, swimming pool, hot tub, and even the strip of sandy beach right at the water’s edge.

The former Busch residence also includes an extra residential living space, for welcoming friends to visit or allowing for in-laws to visit at a distance.

Look at this place:

Kyle Busch's house Kyle Busch's house Kyle Busch's house Kyle Busch's house

The show Racing Wives also showed off the home’s stunning interior design in 2019.

Take a look at the footage, then use the pictures to daydream about taking out a massive mortgage that wouldn’t be paid off in three lifetimes:

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