Colter Wall Teases New Single “Corralling The Blues” Dropping This Thursday

Colter Wall country music

I firmly believe Colter Wall could save the entire country music industry from the “pop country” epidemic.

The up and coming Canadian country singer burst onto the scene with his self titled album in 2017, brandishing his gruff vocals and heartfelt lyrical storytelling.

Colter then went on to release a follow up album called Songs of the Plains in 2018, then really set his musical tone with Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs back in 2020.

However, we now have gone around three years without another Colter Wall project, so fans are jumping at the bit to hear anything new out of the singer songwriter.

Well, look no further than this Instagram post that Colter posted today, teasing a new song that is set to release on Thursday, June 1st titled “Corralling the Blues.” (If any country artist was going to come out with a song of that title, a rancher like Wall is an absolute perfect fit).

You’ll have to listen below to the snippet of the song that Wall shares via his Instagram, but I did get you started translating (to the best of my ability) the lyrics below:

“Might get to think that I might could quit drinkin’
But then what else is there to do.
And it’s this contemplation,
That spurs conversation
With the ceiling that I’ve been talking to.”

Wall then continues on into the chorus of the beautifully paced new song, of which I’m personally setting a reminder for on my phone. If the stripped down version of the song sounds this good, I can’t wait to hear the recorded studio version in just a matter of days.

Take a listen:

The song is the second release from Colter’s upcoming album Little Songsafter Colter released the first track from the album, a cover of Hoyt Axton’s “Evangelina,” last month.

The comments below Wall’s latest post made up quite possibly the best comments section I’ve ever seen on the internet in my entire life.

Just look at some of these clever notes left on the teaser video of Colter’s upcoming song:

“When I was a kid I stayed up late Christmas Eve waiting for presents. As an adult I stay up late waiting for new Colter Wall music.”

“Colter was born with a glass of whisky in hand and a cigar in his mouth. He congratulated the doctor for helping him out of the womb and drove his mother home.”

“Can’t wait to stream this one 1,000,000 times.”

Pumped to finally get some new music from Colter. June 1, folks: Mark your calendars.

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