Tom Brady Playing For The Raiders Looks More Likely After Jimmy Garoppolo Fails Physical Exam

Tom Brady Raiders

The stars seem to be aligning for Tom Brady to come out of retirement (again). That is, if the 7-time Super Bowl winning quarterback wants to.

And if all the NFL teams would be willing to allow him to…

How is everything “coming up Tom” you ask? Well, turns out that what the Raiders were hoping to be their future franchise quarterback is struggling to pass his physical exam.

Jimmy Garoppolo, affectionally referred to as “Jimmy G,” is still struggling with a lingering ankle injury that effectively ended his season last year with the 49ers.

His new contract with the Raiders had a clause titled “Addendum G,” which referenced his ankle injury and gives the team the ability to waive the quarterback if he does not pass a physical exam before the season begins.

NFL’s Dov Kleiman reported:

“QB Jimmy Garoppolo failed his Raiders physical in March and he could lose his entire contract, per Pro Football Focus.

The Raiders can move on from Garopplo at no cost if he doesn’t pass a physical by the time the season starts.”

I’ll go ahead and put on my tin foil conspiracy hat for this next part.

Now why would Tom Brady, who has never really been associated with the team that’s now in Las Vegas, swoop in and become a minority investor in the team?

And could you call the timing “a coincidence” that Tom did so just eight days ago, when the news of Garoppolo not passing his physical exam had not yet been released to the public?

Could Brady have known about this information and seen a possible opening door for him to “Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro” the situation and be an owner and a player for the Raiders?

Garoppolo could put all the rumors to rest if he does end up passing a physical exam before the return of NFL football this Fall, but you have to think that this meme below pretty well sums up the whole situation:

“Tom Brady seeing Jimmy Garoppolo walk in for his physical results.”

The 45-year-old has always been able to do whatever he sets his mind to, so I’m completely fine with (and honestly entertained by) all of the “Brady is Back” rumors.

And to be honest, I feel like most of sports media is just trying to reach for anything and everything during the summer months when sports stories are harder to come by.

Every time I write about Brady possibly un-retiring again and citing all of the reason, I feel 100% like this meme:

“So Tom Brady reaches agreement to buy into Raiders ownership stake and days later we find out Jimmy G failed his physical and isn’t guaranteed to be on the roster this season.”

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