Polar Bear Impressively Spreads Out Its Bodyweight To Cross Thin Ice

polar bear

What do introverted people starting out at a new office and this polar bear have in common?

Both them want to avoid ice breakers at all cost.

That wasn’t my best attempt at a joke, but it was my worst, so I apologize for that and we’ll move on to the matter at hand.

When Polar bears aren’t dancing around and serving Coca-Cola, they are traveling around their natural habitats in search for food and shelter.

Sometimes wild animals have no choice but to take risks in order to survive, which is exactly what this massive white bear does in this video.

This particular Polar bear must have some ice navigating experience, as you’ll see in the video. With the sheer weight and size that these Arctic bears have to manage, its no surprise that this one in the video chose to be careful.

According to the National Wildlife Federation:

“Polar bears are the largest carnivorous land mammals on Earth. They are about seven to eight feet long, measured from the nose to the tip of their very short tail.

Male polar bears are much larger than the females. A large male can weigh more than 1,700 pounds, while a large female is about half that size (up to 1,000 pounds).”

I had no idea that Polar bears could be so hefty, so color me surprised in both that and the way this wild animal somehow is aware of the laws of physics.

Right before it reaches the ice, the bear smartly spreads out its weight and slowly shuffles across the ice. If this one happens to be over 1,000 pounds like most Polar bears are, there must have been some past experience that this one went through to have figured out this strategy.

Slowly but surely, the white-coated bear reaches the other side and then transitions smoothly right back into its normal walk. The way it pulled off the whole thing was pretty “cool.”

Am I 0 for 2 on jokes in this article? Yikes, I better stop now so I don’t embarrass myself any further.

Enjoy this footage of a polar bear understanding the importance of weight distribution below. The post, as I mentioned earlier, is captioned:

“Polar bear is aware of the laws of physics.”

The comments below the post of the smart Polar bear are worth a read as well:

That last one is a little nerdy, but informative, so I’ll allow it.

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