College Baseball Player Ejected For Hot Dog Celly Following Teammate’s Home Run

Hot dog

Here is yet another story of sports stupidly outlawing any “fun having” from the game. This particular celebration should be rewarded for absurdity and creativity, but instead has seen the hammer brought down on it.

The college baseball postseason is in full swing, and the American Athletic Conference saw the Eastern Carolina University Pirates taking on the University of South Florida Bulls in the first round of the postseason tournament.

This 1st inning bomb by Jacob Starling is what allegedly inspired the “hot dog feeding” celebration, which I think is a justified celebration for a pulled-to-left-field home run.

Take a look:

Home run celebrations have been picking up steam over the years, especially in the major leagues, and this is the first one that I have heard of that involves one of baseball’s staples: the hotdog.

Top 5 list of “Baseball Staples” that don’t really have to do with baseball? We can knock it out real quick.

5. Peanuts

4. Organ Music

3. Cracker Jacks

2. Beer

1. Hotdogs

I guess that’s just really all the food associated with baseball, but we’ll move past the list.

Apparently, one of the members of the ECU baseball team fed Jacob Starling a hot dog on the field after his first inning home run, and that oddly angered the one of the umpires. The tweet below from “Pirate Radio,” the voice of Pirate Nation since 2003, explains the situation:

“ECU Baseball’s Josh Grosz ejected from the first round AAC Tournament game vs USF for giving Jacob Starling a hot dog on the field after his first inning home run.”

That second picture in the tweet above is the only evidence that has been gathered so far that proves Josh Grosz had a food item with him on the field during the incident.

There has even been some speculation that it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of a hot dog, but it is unclear whether or not that would help remove the suspension of the ECU player.

The ejection could prove to be costly, because the No. 8 seed USF just knocked off the No. 1 seed ECU minutes ago. The final score of the offensive shootout saw the game go into the 11th inning with USF eventually coming out on top with a score of 12 to 11.

Could the Hot Dog/PB&J celebration have cursed ECU? The star pitcher for the Pirates will now be unable to play in their next matchup because of the ejection.

And now they are faced with an elimination game tomorrow, so I’m assuming their coach will make sure no food items make it onto the field for their next matchup.

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