Zach Bryan Shares Raw, Acoustic Video Of Unreleased Song “Hey Driver”

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Fans have been clamoring for Zach Bryan to release a version of this song he’s teased on social media and even played live in concerts, and the up and coming country star finally gave the fans what they wanted.

The song “Hey, Driver” is clearly personal to Bryan, with the lyrics telling the story of having an existential crisis and hoping (or even praying) for peace of mind.

Though this might not be a “studio recorded” take of the song, it is the only version that Bryan has officially put out there. As of right now, the tune has not found a home on any of the songwriter’s albums.

He released the song on his YouTube page earlier today, and it looks like it was recorded in a parking lot with only some banjo and guitar backing, with some harmonyies thrown in by the musicians as well. Zach focuses on the heartfelt lyrics, delivering a very intimate performance within the backdrop of an undisclosed public place.

As Bryan often delivers with his music, the song is sincere and incredibly thoughtful and gives insight into what Bryan currently battles and what the talented artist plans for his life way down the road.

The lyrics sing:

“Hey, Driver, pull on over
I’m in a fight with God.
And this Carolina shoulder,
is the place I’m getting off.
Daddy always told me,
‘Never make a home on the road.’
While your lady is sneaking out,
and your kids are growing old…”

Not much is known about Bryan’s plans for his next album. Late in 2022, the recent ACM New Male Artist of the Year had said that a new album titled Writers and Fighters was in the works and would be released at some point this year… but, we’ll see. The man is currently packing arenas across the country, even breaking records in places like New Orleans.

All we really do know now is how many songs will be featured on the new project thanks to an interaction that Zach Bryan had with a fan on Twitter.

Referencing the success of Bryan’s album American Heartbreak, which featured 34 songs and reached as high as number five on the Billboard 200 charts, a Twitter user asked:

“What’s the over/under on songs for the next album? 35? 50?”

Zach Bryan quickly responded with:

“11 baby, I’m in my quality over quantity era.”

Could we see  “Hey, Driver” on the new album as a part of that “quality over quantity” standard? I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind to see it make the track list, but as artists sometimes do, Bryan might think that the song has enough of its own life outside of a studio album to stand by itself.

If that’s the case, we’ll just have to save the link to this parking lot masterpiece led by Zach Bryan’s soulful vocals and openhearted songwriting.

Take a look:

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