Hannah Dasher Asks For Help Cleaning Up Her Own Imperfections On New Single “Ugly Houses”

Hannah Dasher country music

Her most vulnerable song to date.

That’s how Hannah Dasher describes her new single “Ugly Houses,” which drops tomorrow and we’re excited to premiere exclusively here on Whiskey Riff.

Even if you’re not familiar with Hannah’s music yet, you might have seen her on TikTok, where she’s racked up over a million followers with her hilarious “Stand By Your Pan” cooking videos. She’s even appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and the Food Network showing off her cooking skills and talking about her weight loss journey.

But make no mistake: Hannah is one of the best-kept secrets in country music right now.

I saw Hannah live a couple weeks ago here in Nashville, and she somehow managed to draw a bigger crowd than the headliner for her rockin’ performance that features not only her own music but also throws in hits from names like Charlie Daniels and ZZ Top.

With her big hair and even bigger wisecracking personality, Hannah delivers music that’s a mix of ’70s southern rock and ’90s country. But it’s really her killer songwriting that sets her apart from the crowd – and keeps listeners on their toes.

She released her major-label debut EP, The Half Record, back in 2021, featuring songs like the rockin’ “You’re Gonna Love Me,” and “Left Right,” her hilarious message to guys who need to get it together.

And since then, she’s released witty singles like “Tall Boy” and her latest release, “Cryin’ All the Way to the Bank,” which puts a spin on divorce that’s different from the heartbreak songs that we’re used to.

Sometimes it’s easy to look at a song title and know immediately what the song’s going to be about. But Hannah’s new single may just surprise you once you actually take a listen.

We’ve all seen those signs hanging on light poles or posted on the side of the road: “We Buy Ugly Houses.” And that’s where the inspiration for this one came from.

Written by Hannah along with Robert Arthur, “Ugly Houses” finds Hannah praying to God for help cleaning up her own imperfections:

“I’m a fixer upper
Need a lot of repair
Kinda run down and outdated
Stuff strewn everywhere
If you looked in the window
You’d prob’ly wanna leave
Think, who would wanna live in me?
Well I ain’t no fancy castle
Got too much junk inside
But if you buy ugly houses, Lord
I’m taking down my for-sale sign”

Speaking on the song, Hannah admitted it’s more vulnerable than most of her music, but she thought it was an important message to share – and hopefully help others who are a work in progress too:

“‘Ugly Houses’ is the most vulnerable song I’ve ever released. God’s been humbling me the past two years, doing a major renovation.  Felt like I needed to share it with the world — especially during times like now. 

Whether listeners are believers or not, I hope this song leaves ’em in a better place than it found ‘em.” 

I’ve been a huge fan of this song since Hannah first released a live performance version on her YouTube channel a year or so ago. It’s one that really can resonate with anybody: That feeling of needing help with fixing your own imperfections and wondering why anybody would want to take on the job.

It’s my favorite Hannah Damn Dasher single to date, and we’re pumped to bring it to you first here on Whiskey Riff:

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