Toby Keith Acquires Luck E Strike Bait & Tackle To Revive Historic Fishing Brand

Toby Keith country music

We all know Toby Keith for his famed country music career filled with ’90s country twangers, some country heartbreakers and a handful of patriotic anthems.

However, it appears that the man is officially ready to dip his toes into the fishing world.

Keith has acquired Luck E Strike, one of the most famous bait and tackle brands in all of fishing, for both professionals and recreational anglers.

The Oklahoma native discussed why he chose Luck E Strike:

“They’ve got a lot of history. It’s actually one of the earliest fishing brands that is universally stocked in national retailers.”

Keith also discussed one of Luck E Strike’s biggest endorsers, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer Jimmy Houston, and his legendary Redman Spinner Bait:

“Jimmy is one of about three big legends in the fishing world. He has been a spokesperson for Luck E Strike for decades, and started building his Redman Spinners out of diaper pins and selling them to Walmart.”

Houston also weighed in on what Keith can bring to the table for the brand as well:

“In addition to being one of the best singers and songwriters, Toby Keith is an incredible patriot. Tying those two together in an American lure company known for making outstanding bass and crappie lures at great prices is so exciting.

As his friend, I’m happy seeing the fire in his eyes over this company. It’s a big deal for the fishing industry as a whole to have him involved and bringing this brand back to where it ought to be.”

Keith also weighed in on why he felt the need to come in and help:

“They needed a new focus and vision and I happened to be standing at the door ready to pick up the pieces.

I’ve got a house on a lake where they hold a lot of fishing tournaments, and I became friends with Jeff, who has built two big tackle brands. He reached out and told me Luck E Strike was for sale, and he was as interested as I am in rebuilding it.”

In conclusion, Keith expressed his excitement to be joining the team, and how he plans to make an immediate impact:

“This team is so good and the brand and product speak for themselves. Through the years Luck E Strike has sold hundreds of SKUs nationally at major retailers.

Unfortunately, that business has dwindled some but we’re going to build that back up, add some rod-and-reel combos, apparel, fishing tools, and tackle systems. We will put this brand back at the level it deserves.

I’m a nostalgic guy and that’s part of it, but this is great stuff. I know a bunch of pro anglers and they’re all telling me if I can get them the stuff, they’ll fish with it.”

Keep an eye out for Lucky Strike to get a facelift in the coming months, complete with a little red, white, and blue.

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