Turkey Hunter Has No Choice But To Aim His Shotgun At Approaching Black Bear

Turkey hunter

It’s always exciting to see something when you are hunting, but when you come across something that could hunt you along the way, things can get a little dicey.

This turkey hunter got in over his head when a huge black bear came wandering out of the tall grass. The video picks up right when the hunter sets his shotgun sights onto the wild animal, and the rest of the clip is heart-pounding.

Assuming that the shotgun is loaded with turkey shot, I’m thinking that the hunter would rather not fire on the bear. Though firing the gun on the beast in desperation could help, the spread of shotgun beads might only make the bear even angrier.

The bear emerges from the overgrown field and comes to a dramatic stop once it sees the two hunters. It initially stares right down the barrel of the gun, and I’m sure the hunter’s trigger finger was starting to tremble as the “staring contest” continued.

However, the black bear finally starts to move once again, and thankfully the direction it chooses is not towards the two turkey hunters. Instead, the bear turns to its left and slowly walks at first, then quickly picks up the pace and runs out of the frame.

The turkey hunters then nervously laugh and count their blessings as they luckily avoided a violent run in with the bear. If I were them, even though it appears that the bear has run off, I would be getting the hell out of there.

I wouldn’t be pressing my luck, and even if my four-wheeler is parked towards where the bear took off to, I am leaving in the opposite direction. Turkey hunt is officially over if a bear wanders in that close.

Take a look:

Like the caption says, the stakes did seem to get pretty high, pretty quick.

Those in the comments certainly thought so:

“Where are my blood pressure pills?”

“That’s a big ass turkey.”

“Well that escalated fast…”

“Hope he got that extra tight choke in that blunderbuss…”

“When turkey hunting turns into a ‘bear-y’ intense situation! Talk about unexpected guests crashing the party.”

Never a dull moment out in the woods…

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