Hot Country Knights Tease New Song “Herassmeant” With Darla McFarland, Who Has A Big Ol’… Voice… Like Lainey Wilson

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Boy oh boy, do the Hot Country Knights have something cooking up…

Everyone’s favorite 90’s country group who no one heard of before 2015 announced they had some new music coming a couple of weeks ago, and it sounds like we’re finally getting to see a little bit of the fruits of their labor.

Their original announcement about new music back on May 8th featured a full band photo… except they were in a human pyramid.

The post read:

“No other band stacks up against us. We’re back, baby. Who’s ready for new music?”

The retro (?) group backed that post up with an exciting announcement about a new song they are thrilled to share with country music fans. From the sound of it, this song might just be the song that the world needs to hear right now.

Through some highly skilled investigation (looking at the piece of paper in the video), I am ready to report that their new song, which seems to feature fellow ’90s country music icon Darla McFarland, is called “Herassmeant.”

McFarland weighed in on the opportunity to collaborate with the greatest ’90s band of all time:

“Well y’all…guess I had to join this thing finally. Don’t know what I’m doing but ready for y’all to see a little something something I have been working on.

If y’all don’t know me…I’m Darla McFarland. Glad y’all are here.”

Always some high shelf stuff from the Hot Country Knights.

A play on the word “harassment,” “Herassmeant” is sure to change the highly sensitive, political landscape.

I did my best to transcribe the lyrics of the song that I could make out from the post below:

“Her-ass-meant, everything to me.

You just had to slap it every time I wore them bell-bottomed jeans.”

Deep and poetic, and props to Darla McFarland for coming in strong on that second line. If you aren’t convinced that it’s McFarland lending her voice to the song, just take a look at the autographed banana in the video below, and that should be enough evidence for you.

The other banana has “HCK” with an exclamation point written on it, which most likely translates to “Hot Country Knights!” though you never know with the outgoing, timeless band.

The tweet straight from the Hot Country Knights social account makes a joke about Darla’s big…vocal range and teases the new music with a short audio clip.

The post says:

“New Music (volume up) featuring a lady with big ol’… voice.”

She has a striking resemblance to Lainey Wilson, and the big ol’… voice, to match, but rest assured, it’s definitely Darla McFarland on the track.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but bring on “Herassmeant!”

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