Miles Miller New Song “A Feeling Called Lonesome” Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Miles MIller

We’re all still waiting for Miles Miller’s debut album Solid Gold, which will be unveiled on July 7th, but this new single from Miller should help to hold us over.

“A Feeling Called Lonesome” is the third song to be released from Miller’s highly anticipated first album, with the other singles “Highway Shoes” and the album’s self titled track “Solid Gold” having already hit the airways in the past couple of months.

Trying to stay as journalistic as possible, all I will say is that the three songs of the eventual twelve track album that are already available are very damn good.

What might’ve helped it be that, besides Miller’s natural talent and gifted vocals, is that the album was produced by Sturgill Simpson. You are in pretty good hands when the legendary Sturgill (A.K.A. Johnny Blue Skies) helps craft your first piece of work as a solo artist. Solid Gold was worked on and recorded in just a matter of three days in Nashville, Tennessee back in January 2022.

The songs certainly have a lot of personal connection to Miller, who had this to say about his new track “A Feeling Called Lonesome:”

“This is a song I started to write 10 years ago about a failed relationship and the aftermath of all the emotion hanging around. After more knowledge of  ‘that feeling,’ I was able to finish it.” 

It’s always intriguing to see what all goes into an artist’s song, and this particular one has seemingly been a decade in the making. “A Feeling Called Lonesome” and the process that it took to bring it to life is a testament to Miller’s maturity as an artist, a characteristic that helped him get noticed when he first got started as a musician.

Miller was raised in central Kentucky and got his break into the industry by playing the drums for bands and artists such as Town Mountain and Sturgill Simpson. As many artists are discovered in this modern age of music, Miller’s YouTube channel full of impressive drum covers was actually found by acclaimed producer Dave Cobb.

The drums and his vocals have been staples for Miller in his early career, but his passion has been and always will be playing guitar. Miles spent some time off the road to focus on his songwriting, finally (and thankfully) deciding that it was time to go solo and let the world in on the country music he had to offer.

Thus, this debut album is both a passion project and a statement to the industry that Miles Miller can do it all, and is consequently here to stay. In regards to his debut album, Miller added:

“’Solid Gold’ is a love story, but about love being around and love leaving.

It’s an entire story essentially about wanting to get back to the love you have, realizing you shouldn’t give it away, to love leaving, hitting the road because of it leaving, feeling love on the road, love from home, to realizing you need to keep walking and wish them well.

It’s an album about the cycle of a love story that crumbles.”

Country music fans will be counting down the days until Miller’s Solid Gold releases on July 7th, so until then, might as well throw “A Feeling Called Lonesome” on wherever you get your music:

And if you like what you hear, there’s a chance that Miles Miller could be stopping by your area next month as he supports and tours with Tyler Childers. The confirmed tour dates, as well as Solid Gold’s track list, is attached below.


1. Solid Gold
2. Don’t Give Away Love
3. Passed Midnight
4. A Feeling Called Lonesome
5. In A Daze
6. My Sanity
7. Highway Shoes
8. Where Daniel Stood
9. Even If
10. Seeing Clear
11. Always November
12. I Wish


June 6—Detroit, MI—Masonic Temple Theatre*
June 8—Chicago, IL—The Salt Shed*
June 9—Maryland Heights, MO—Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre*
June 11—Cleveland, OH—Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica*
June 23—Yorkville, IL—Summer Solstice Fest

*supporting Tyler Childers

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