Garth Brooks Once Accidentally Showered With Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler: “I Had Soap In My Eyes…And There’s Steven Tyler”

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G sounded a little too excited about this one…

Garth Brooks was on The Kelly Clarkson Show this morning playing Rock Star Roulette with the host. And when Kelly asked Garth to play an Aerosmith song, he instead decided to quickly brag that he’s “showered” with frontman Steven Tyler.

Weird flex, but go on…

Garth revealed that the incident occurred back in 2008 when he made a surprise appearance at Billy Joel’s concert at the old Shea Stadium, the final performance held at the former home of the New York Mets before it was demolished to make room for the new ballpark, Citi Field.

The show also featured a number of legendary artists like Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, John Mellencamp – and of course, Steven Tyler.

According to Garth:

“I go out there, and I’m late anyway, and they have just the baseball showers. And I’m in there showering getting ready for the show, and I had soap in my eyes, I look around and there’s Steven Tyler. He’s showering too.

‘Hey, how ya doing?’ And it was just…how many people get to say that?”

I’m not sure how many people WANT to say that, Garth…

Kelly jokingly pointed out that Garth “might not be so special” because a rockstar like Steven Tyler has probably showered with his fair number of people other the years.

But how many potential serial killers has Steven Tyler showered with…and lived to tell about it?

Sounds like we should really be getting his side of the story on this one.


Fans Hilariously Concerned For Dolly Parton’s Safety

Garth recently hosted the ACM Awards with the legendary Dolly Parton, where his co-host made Garth blush with a joke about a threesome during their opening monologue. (Maybe in the shower since Garth seems to enjoy that kind of thing).

But before the show, fans were hilariously concerned about Dolly’s safety hosting the show alongside Garth.

Of course by now you’re probably familiar with the ongoing joke about Garth Brooks possibly being a serial killer with bodies hidden in his backyard.

It all started when comedian Tom Segura and his wife Christina Pazsitzky saw the bizarre video that Garth released to announce his stadium tour back in 2018 – you know the one, where Garth talks about “getting physical playing music.”

Anyway, that video led the comedian duo hosts of the “Your Mom’s House” podcast to come to the (inevitable, really) conclusion that Garth Brooks, Country Music Hall of Famer, 7-time CMA Entertainer of the Year, one of the greatest live acts in country music history, who sells out professional football stadium after professional football stadium, is a serial killer with bodies buried all over his backyard.

It’s become a hilarious internet meme, and every time Garth posts anything on social media the comments are immediately taken over by fans of Segura asking him where the bodies are, and praying that Garth have mercy on their grandparents.

Not only are they downright hilarious, but some are pretty creative too.

And this has been going on for YEARS. But what makes it even funnier is that Garth either isn’t in on, or doesn’t appreciate, the joke, to the point that he (or most likely, someone on his team) restricted Tom Segura’s account so that his comments aren’t visible on Garth’s IG posts.

Now, I feel like that was the worst thing Garth could possibly have done for the meme, because that’s just going to make people troll him that much harder. If he really wanted to put an end to all this, all he has to do is tweet “I’m not a serial killer” or something like that to prove that he’s in on the joke. It stops being funny, eventually dies out, and everybody moves on.

But that’s not how Garth decided to handle it. So that leads us here, where everybody was hilariously expressing their concern for Garth’s ACM co-host Dolly Parton.

The ACM Awards posted a promo video featuring Garth and Dolly, and the comments were – you guessed it – all about Garth being a serial killer and fearing for Dolly’s safety standing on stage alongside him.

And they just go on and on like that.

Better be careful Garth, a lot of people are on to you…

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