Charles Barkley On The Only Time He Played An NBA Game Drunk: “I Have Zero Idea How I Played That Night”

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As if Charles Barkley could be any more likeable.

Since his playing days, the NBA legend has become one of the most beloved analysts in all of basketball, as he’s never been afraid to speak his mind.

From calling out Congress for worrying about “classified documents” from President Biden and Donald Trump, to saying he was “watching hockey” because of the snooze fest between the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves, and the list goes on and on.

And now, Chuck is back at it again, this time recalling the only time he played a professional basketball game while hammered drunk.

Barkley recently made an appearance on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, where he hilariously recalled the time he played drunk.

“It’s the only drunk game I’ve ever played. It’s not the only hungover game I’ve ever played, it’s the only drunk game I’ve ever played.”

For a career as long as he had, it’s pretty impressive that there’s only one. But anyway:

“So my agent called me one morning, cause I’d had enough of Philly, because I went two years where everybody was trying to trade for me, and the Sixers wouldn’t pull the trigger. And I had to read about it and talk about it everyday I said ‘Yo man I just want this thing to be over,’ I was just tired mentally.

Our team wasn’t any good. And then finally my agent calls me and says ‘Hey, the Sixers are gonna do it, you’re going to the Lakers, I’ll call you back when they finalize the deal.’ I said thank God. I want this sh*t to be over, I had to deal with it, my family had to deal with it, my friends had to deal with it everyday for two years.”

So Chuck did what any normal person would do when they find out they’re landing a better job: He went out and got sh*tfaced.

“And I think it’s just right after lunch time, and we’ve got a game that night. He calls me back two and a half hours later – so me and my friends go out and celebrate – he calls me back two and a half hours later and says ‘The Sixers reneged on a deal it’s not gonna happen,’ I said ‘Man I’m drunk as sh*t right now, we’ve got a game tonight.’

He says ‘Well what you wanna do?’ I say ‘I’m gonna play. I gotta play, I wanna be professional.’

And I have zero idea how I played that night, I just was so pissed… But we went out to celebrate. We went to Friday’s.”

He also said he couldn’t tell you what team they played, and he also has no clue how he played.

“I was like ‘Yo man I’m drunk as hell right now we out celebrating,’ he was like ‘Well they changed their mind.'”

I can’t imagine having to make myself run up and down the court absolutely rip sh*t drunk, but I guess some people are just built different.

Check out the full conversation below:

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A beer bottle on a dock