Charles Barkley Calls Out Snooze Fest Between The Nuggets & Timberwolves Last Night: “I Was Watching Hockey”

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Yesterday, the Minnesota Timberwolves narrowly escaped getting swept by the Denver Nuggets in round one of the Western Conference Playoffs, winning 114-108.

The Nuggets now lead the series 3-1.

With that being said, the Nuggets were leading the game 52-48 at halftime, and I’ll admit, the game was kind of a snooze fest for the first half.

Of course, you typically wouldn’t have NBA announcers and analysts admitting that, but the great news is that we have the great Charles Barkley to provide his always on point colorful commentary.

After the first half came to a close, you can hear fellow analyst Ernie Johnson say:

“Is it just me or does this game need a Red Bull?”

And that’s when Barkley hilariously responded:

“I was watching hockey on TBS I’m not gonna lie, but this game is boring as hell.”

Now there’s one thing for certain about Charles Barkley, and it’s that he’s never been afraid to speak his mind, whether it was during his playing days, or his current days as an analyst.

That being said, there was some GREAT hockey on last night. The Dallas Stars took on the Minnesota Wild in a nail-biter (with some questionable officiating) and the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings faced-off in the late game that went into overtime.

Both were ELECTRIC… there’s nothing like playoff hockey.

Shaq Can’t Stop  Laughing When Charles Barkley Says: “I’m Kind Of Juggling 2 Balls”

Barkley was discussing the Grizzlies and Lakers game last Wednesday night during Inside the NBA, and he accidentally made this comment:

“I’m kind of juggling two balls right here cause I’m real proud of what the Grizzlies did, that made me proud of being a basketball player.

Hey just let’s go compete and see what happens, then you got the Lakers who went out there and dogged it, who went through the motions, shout out to the Grizzlies for competing their behind off.”

Yeah, it was the “juggling two balls” part.

Needless to say, Shaq caught onto the slip, and couldn’t stop laughing his a** off. Seriously, he had to put his face in his hand as he attempted to restrain himself.

As soon as Barkley made the comment, Shaq hilariously responded:

“Oh, is that what you doing?”

Never change, Shaq and Sir Charles, never change.

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