Charles Barkley Calls Out Congress Over Worries Of Classified Documents: “Stop Wasting Our Time”

Charles Barkley NBA

Charles Barkley is the man.

Like him or not, the guy is never afraid to speak his mind, even if he’s on live TV.

We saw this play out once again while he was covering Thursday’s NBA on TNT, when he dove right into the political spectrum…

And didn’t give a damn.

While talking about one of the NBA games, he compared the conversation to folks in Washington DC worried about the classified documents at Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden’s, and Mike Pence’s house.

He said:

“You sound like these fools in Washington DC. Worried about papers at Trump’s house, Biden’s house, or Pence’s house, like they’re about to sell them to the Russians or something.

Man, shut the hell up. Shut the hell up.

President Biden and Vice President Pence, and crazy Trump are not gonna sell nuclear secrets to somebody, stop wasting our time Congress.”

I’m not saying that we should be taking nation security lightly (like, can we maybe shoot down a balloon over Montana right now?), but between President Biden, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, a secretary of state, an attorney general… this seems to unfortunately be a pretty common occurrence on both sides of the aisle.

But at the end of the day, you gotta love Sir Charles’ give a damn meter being at absolutely zero on this one.

Charles also recently roasted both of the most recent presidents when he got to talking about letting fans vote in some kind of NBA on TNT poll:

“We let the fans vote… look what happened last time they got to vote for president.

I don’t mean the old guy, I mean the guy before the old guy… sorry President Biden.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for either of them…

Never change, Chuck. Never change.

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