Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen Took Batting Practice With The Toronto Blue Jays Last Night And Was Knocking Them Out Of The Park

Josh Allen NFL

I’ll go ahead and say it. It takes some elite athleticism to hit a home run out of a major league ballpark.

The majority of major league baseball fields extend to at least 400 feet in dead center, and when you have a ball coming at you at 90 plus mph, hitting a home run is incredibly difficult for even the best players in the MLB.

So, when you have a few non-pro baseball players who have the opportunity to take batting practice for a major league team, you probably aren’t going to see many home runs hit out of the park.

Hell, the majority probably only get a few out of the infield…

Unless you’re Josh Allen, starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

The two-time NFL Pro Bowler got the opportunity to take batting practice with the Toronto Blue Jays before they squared off against the New York Yankees last night.

And not only did Allen show out, the 26-year-old went yard MULTIPLE times – four to be exact – sending some moon shots deep over the left field fence.

Okay, maybe the guy was a standout baseball player back in high school, but it ain’t easy to pick up a baseball bat for the first time in eight years, and start hitting dingers out MLB ballparks.

However, it looks like it’s easy for some.

Check it out:

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