Bobcat Jumps Out Of Tree & Flies Through The Air To Catch Squirrel On The Golf Course

Bobcat chasing a squirrel

Have you ever seen a bobcat fly through the air? Well, you are about to.

Bobcats might look like a slightly above average sized house cat, but the wild animals are much more than that. Bobcats have heightened senses of vision, smell, and hearing which it utilizes to track down its prey.

Once it has its next meal locked in, the bobcat stops at nothing to have a successful hunt. They are well known to be excellent swimmers, and when it comes to maneuvering high terrain and trees, bobcats are some of the best climbers in the animal kingdom.

According to this video, they can also fall from great distances without being injured, supporting the age old saying that cats always land on their feet.

In the video, a squirrel is seen running for its life from an impressively quick bobcat, and like the appearance of the golf course (judging by the grass growing in the sand trap), things don’t seem to be going great.

The squirrel seeks safety on the side of a nearby tree, and the bobcat matches the move perfectly by jumping on the other side of the bark. Right after the two animals circle the tree a bit, both of them show off their fast climbing ability and shimmy up the tree with tremendous speed.

The squirrel runs up the tree about 25 feet in the air and as it tries to run out on one of the tree’s limbs, it has no choice but to make a jump for it. The small rodent goes flying off the tree, dropping the equivalent of almost three stories, and lands on the hard ground.

As it looks up, it sees the bobcat bailed off the tree as well, ferociously falling down towards the squirrel. The elusive squirrel again makes a run for it just as the bobcat lands right where it had rested seconds before. The bobcat lands much harder than the squirrel did, but that doesn’t keep it from rushing after the small animal.

The squirrel again tries out the same exact tree it had just fallen out of moments before, and the bobcat runs back to the base of the large tree and stops right at the bottom. The video then cuts off before we know how the chase down finishes it, but one could assume that the bobcat was setting up shop to wait out the little squirrel.

Everything happens so fast in the video, so make sure it has your full attention as you enjoy seeing a squirrel and bobcat fly through the air:

The comments and commentary on the Instagram post weren’t too shabby, with all kinds of wildlife followers weighing in on the video:

“Yeah he was only gonna take that fall once, that squirrel would of done that circle all day.”

He sat at the tree like ‘yeah, nah, ima wait here this time.'”

“I would’ve broke 38 bones.”

“Squirrel like ‘not today sir.'”

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