Pest Control Man Caught Peeing All Over Customer’s Living Room: “Having A Bad Day & Sick Of People”

Pest control

Something tells me that’s not going to help keep the bugs away…

Roger Young of Young’s Pest Control was supposed to be spraying for pests in Cambria County, Pennsylvania and instead starting urinating all over the homeowner’s living room.

The 67-year-old man is “caught in 4K” peeing on the floor, a kid’s toy box, and the couch before he has an “oh s**t” moment and spots the camera mounted on the wall.

It appears that Young was chasing down the homeowner’s cat shortly before the incident occurred, which doesn’t help explain his actions at all, but it does add some intrigue to the story. Roger surely wasn’t marking his territory right?

And I’m no expert on pest control, so I might be wrong here, but I’d be willing to bet that spraying your pee all over someone’s belongings is not a step in the process of keeping the bugs away. Who knows though, maybe Young’s Pest Control specializing in a super powerful and effective “pissticide.”

Mr. Young had been hired by the manager of the Haida Village Apartments and reportedly had been used in the past for all of their pest control jobs. Which begs the question, is Young a serial “living room pisser,” or did he just get caught the first time he was doing it?

No additional reports have ever been filed against Young for such an act, and he has even denied ever doing so before and maintains that this is the first and only time he has ever peed quite literally on the job.

The video below, which is shared by WJAC 6 News, is pretty damning. The evidence presented within the security footage was enough for the Hastings Borough Police Department to file charges against Young for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

When Young was asked why he went about “fountaining his own product” all over the family’s living room, he gave a pretty interesting answer:

“Having a bad day and sick of people.”

Sounds like he was “pissed off” and things consequently were “pissed on.”

We’ve all been there Roger… but then again we all haven’t been there if you know what I’m saying.

The family told police that they have had to gather up around $4,000 to replace the couch, carpet, and anything else that the “pest control pisser” hit during his crime.

Check out the shocking video below in the news report:

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