Take A Look Inside ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s $350M Texas Ranch As He Remains In Hot Water For Excessive Spending

6666 ranch

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has taken some heat recently over reports that he might be spending too much on the hit Paramount show.

Having a house this nice certainly doesn’t help his cause, especially as loyal fans of the TV series are starting to find out about it and how much he was charging Paramount to utilize it for filming.

It recently came to the attention of Paramount that Sheridan was renting out his Texas ranch to producers of the show for quite the hefty price.

With the show in turmoil and bad news about it seemingly breaking every day, many are left to wonder if the “high rent” that the creator was charging could have also led to issues within the production.

How much was the rent at his two ranches, which Yellowstone and its other spin-offs have been filming at, per week you may ask?

Sheridan was reportedly requiring the network to pay $50,000 every week just so they could have access to the property, which the show’s director owns.

Seems like you would give those who are on your own show a little break on the rent, or maybe not even charge them at all…

The ranch is known as the 6666 Ranch, or the Four Sixes ranch, and boasts a staggering 142,372 acres. The house and the guest house combine to have six bedrooms and six bathrooms, while the outdoors buildings provide any amenity you can think of when it comes to ranch living.

Chas S. Middleton and Son LLC. is a Farm and Ranch real estate company that once had the house listed, and though it shows that this sprawling ranch house and estate is now sold, they described it as this when it was on the market:

“Many times, in marketing ranch properties the terms ‘Historic Ranch’, ‘Legendary Property’, ‘Famous Ranch’, or ‘Rare Offering’ are over used to hype a ranch being offered for sale. Such terms should only rightly be used to describe precious few ranches.

Without question, these terms truly fit the legendary 6666’s Ranch. Few, if any ranches in the United States can match the history, grandeur, and prestige of the 6666’s Ranch, which was founded in 1870.”

Just check out some of these stunning pictures of the ranch of the land surrounding it:

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