Taylor Swift Fans Reportedly Passed Out & Threw Up While Facing The Elements Last Night At Her 4-Hour Rain Delayed Nashville Concert

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There’s no doubt that Taylor Swift has some of the most dedicated fans in all of music.

Last night’s rain soaked Nashville concert was the ultimate test, and could even be spun into a TV gameshow “Are You Tough Enough To Be A Swifty?”

Sunday was night three of Swift’s weekend long concert series at Nissan Stadium. The forecast did not look good for the entire weekend, but those who went on Friday and Saturday lucked out with the weather (for the most part).

Those who bought tickets to the Eras Tour for Sunday night (for most likely hundreds if not thousands of dollars) weren’t so lucky. Concertgoers were welcomed to Nissan Stadium with gale force winds and sideways rain. Fans who got to the stadium for the show’s start time were forced to shelter in place, and with the rain blowing sideways, that was rather tough to do.

Just take a look at this scene:

Fans were told to find covered shelter wherever they could and were forced to stay there from 5:40 p.m. until the order was called off at 9:30 p.m.

The situation with fans standing shoulder-to-shoulder for hours on end was so chaotic that, according to Page Six, many fans suffered from panic attacks, passed out, got sick, and even threw up.

The Swifties stayed resilient though, passing the time in the horrid conditions by singing some of their favorite Swift songs as a rain soaked, delirious, music loving group.

All while the rain did not let up for nearly four hours:

The delay was finally called off and fans rushed back to their seats, four hours later than they expected to. Though the rain continued to fall, Swift eventually went on a little after 10 p.m. without either of her openers performing (Gracie Abrams & Phoebe Bridgers).

She performed her “Rain Show” for the dedicated Nashville crowd until 2 a.m.

Swift was thankful for the fans who endured the rough weather conditions in order to see her perform, saying this as she closed out her show in the wee hours of the morning:

“The fact that you stayed for us, that you gave us everything you had- we love you so much, Nashville.

We will never forget this night.”

I have a feeling those rain-soaked fans that braved the elements for hours and hours will never forget that night either.

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