Kevin Bieksa Provides Hilarious Analysis During Stanley Cup Playoffs: “You Have To Suck That D In”

Kevin Bieksa NHL

You have to love a good announcer/analyst slip.

I mean c’mon, you’re lying if you said you haven’t at least cracked a smile when you hear an announcer or analyst completely mix up their words, or say something that sounded extremely perverted.

We recently saw this with Charles Barkley while on Inside the NBA.

While talking about the Grizzlies and Lakers game a few weeks back, he said:

“I’m kind of juggling two balls right here cause I’m real proud of what the Grizzlies did, that made me proud of being a basketball player.

Hey just let’s go compete and see what happens, then you got the Lakers who went out there and dogged it, who went through the motions, shout out to the Grizzlies for competing their behind off.”

Yeah, the “juggling two balls” part had Barkley’s co-host Shaquille O’Neal dying of laughter.

With that being said, we’ve had yet another analyst slip, and this time it was hockey.

During former NHL player’s Kevin Bieksa’s segment on Hockey Night in Canada, he hilariously broke down the play with this colorful explanation:

“You have to look up ice, you have to suck that D in like you know he’s coming, and then it’s going to be a long reverse to your partner and you have to take advantage of all this ice over here…”

Excuse me? You have to do what now? Suck that D in like you know he’s coming?

I’m convinced this was 100% intentional… there’s just no way you can have those words come out of your mouth with a straight face, and it not be intentional.

And the comments agree:

“He knows what he is saying lol.”

“I think Kevin knows what he’s doing.”

“Bieksa knew what he was saying.”

The Vancouver Canucks also took some fire:

“You can really tell Bieksa played for Vancouver…”

“Spoken like a true Canucks fan.


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