Full Season Of Yellowstone Prequel ‘1883’ Is Coming To The Paramount Network

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If you’ve been dying to watch the Yellowstone prequel series 1883, but you don’t have Paramount+, you’re in luck…

Because you’ll be able to watch the full season on TV soon, as it’s heading to the Paramount Network.

According to Deadline, the broadcast will begin on Sunday, June 18th at 8 PM ET/PT, and will include extended featurettes at the end of each episode.

1883, starring the likes of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton, Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, Marc Rissmann, Audie Rick, Eric Nelson, James Landry Hebert, and more, is the first chronological chapter of the Dutton family history, as follows the Duttons as they begin their trek out west, where they ultimately settle in Montana, the modern-day location of the Dutton property.

Of course, there were several wild trials and tribulations along the way, as a number of people lost their lives in search of better opportunity.

Written by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, the single season show is followed by 1923, which is currently gearing up to film its second and final season.

Needless to say, this is a great opportunity to help fill the void as we continue to await the highly anticipated second half of Yellowstone season five, which continues to get pushed back.

Check out the full trailer:

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Sam Elliott Says He Would Love To Do An ‘1883’ Prequel Series

Sam Elliott, what a legend.

Many of us know him for his roles in movies like Road House, The Big Lebowski, A Star Is Born, Tombstone, Gettysburg, Buffalo Girls, the TV show The Ranch, and so many more.

The guy has played roles in several different genres throughout his career, but most recently, we all know and love the guy for his role as cowboy and civil war veteran Shea Brennan on the Yellowstone prequel series, 1883, where he helps lead the Dutton family from Texas to Montana.

Elliott recently sat down for an interview with Variety, where he discussed playing the role of Brennan, and how it was right up his alley, considering all of the western movies he’s played in in the past:

“It wasn’t a big stretch for me, because I was so familiar with the genre. That said, I went places I had never gone before in that genre. And I think that’s probably because so much of the character was internalized.”

He also admitted that he wishes they had done a prequel to 1883, telling the story of each character before the show:

“I think everybody was sad to see it over; I know I was. I would have liked to have that wagon train go to Canada by then and just stay with it.

My thought was, ‘Let’s do a prequel of this.’ Where was LaMonica? Where were those two guys? Pick it up after the war, when they were Pinkertons. There’s plenty of stuff to do.”

However, there WILL actually be an 1883 prequel of sorts, with the upcoming Bass Reeves series.

Titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, the six-part series will star David Oyelowo as Reeves, a legendary lawman of the wild west, who’s known as one of the greatest frontier heroes in American history, and is believed to be the inspiration behind The Lone Ranger.

Reeves worked as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory during the post-reconstruction era, capturing more than 3,000 of the most dangerous criminals of that time period, without ever being wounded.

Sounds like Sam needs to brush up on his Yellowstone.

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Yellowstone: The Complete Soundtrack

The Paramount Network series is pretty much the hottest thing on television right now, and aside from the exceptional cast, the stunning mountain views, and the riveting storyline… the music in the series is downright phenomenal.

We’re talking Tyler Childers, Cody Jinks, Whiskey Myers, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Colter Wall, Whitey Morgan, Blackberry Smoke and a ton more.

The show also features a ton of Ryan Bingham’s music, who stars in the show as Walker, a drifting, ex-con ranch hand on the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch.

Season 5 will also introduce us to a new character played by country music star Lainey Wilson, and Lainey says she’s pretty much just playing herself. I’m sure we can expect more of her tunes on the Season 5 soundtrack.

And yeah, we all want to see what happens to the John, Beth, Kayce and the rest of the Dutton family, how John runs the state of Montana as the new Governor, what happens to Kayce & Monica’s relationship, can Jamie finally earn the respect of his family and more, but I also can’t WAIT to see what artists make the Season 5 soundtrack.

So, if you’re as stoked as I am for the music of Season 5, you MUST be following our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack playlist, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Featuring EVERY SINGLE SONG from the series, we make sure we update it in real time, so every Sunday night, all the new stuff is right there.

It’s the most-followed Yellowstone playlist out there, and no joke… it might just be the best playlist on planet Earth.


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