Bobcat & Rattlesnake Spotted Going Head-To-Head On Trail Camera

bobcat fights rattlesnake in florida

There’re some things we just wouldn’t be able to witness without a camera stuck on some random tree in the middle of the woods.

This is one of those times.

I mean, how often do a bobcat and a rattlesnake go head-to-head in a big old battle? It can’t be that often…

Honestly, just from the match up, my predication would be in favor of the rattlesnake. Would a bobcat know how to handle one? I wouldn’t think so, but I’m always happy to be proven wrong.

Bobcats do eat snakes, but you know, that whole poisonous venom thing just seems to give edge to the snake. With its quick attack a person would think it would get the bobcat at least once and enough to inflict some serious pain.

Here, a trail camera spots a bobcat wandering through the woods. Just as it gets into a good view it spots something to its left. It goes in for it.

The two animals fight their way back into camera view and you notice a rattlesnake lunging towards the bobcat.

This is where you would think the bobcat would have had it bad. But, I was wrong.

The bobcat calm as day, keeps batting the snakes head down with its paw as the snake attacks.

Finally, after some good back and forth the snake makes a mistake and lets the bobcat sink its claws in the top of its head enough to pull it closer. As it does that, the cat latches onto the backside of the snakes head so it can’t attack anymore.

The bobcat holds on and bites down as the fight ends. It’s got the grip of death on the snake now and it’s all over.

The bobcat then rolls around just like its any other cat in the world and proudly walks off with its kill. It then lays in sand happy as can be.

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