Miranda Lambert And Dierks Bentley To Have Three Songs Featured On CBS Series ‘Fire Country’

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So this is what Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley had up their sleeves

They just announced that they have a few new songs which will be featured on episodes of the CBS TV series Fire Country:

“Got some exciting news for y’all! We have a few new songs that will be on ‘FireCountry’ CBS! Tune into the show for the next two weeks on CBS to hear em.”

Max Thieriot stars as firefighter Bode Donovan, who is a young convict looking for a shorter prison sentence and redemption by joining a firefighting program.

In an interview with Billboard, Dierks said he reached out to Miranda after production asked him about making some songs for the show, and they decided to work together on the project.

He added that he wanted to be part of shedding a light on the importance of firefighters and what they go through to keep all of us safe:

“I loved the vibe of it.

I have developed relationships with a lot of folks in the firefighter community after the Yarnell Fire in Prescott, and meeting those families shortly after that tragedy occurred, I’ve got a lot of respect for wilderness and structural firefighters and their families and what they go through.

So any show or movie that really sheds light on that lifestyle and the sacrifices that community makes, I’m all about supporting.”

Miranda and Dierks called in help from friends and frequent collaborators Luke Dick and John Randall, and they penned three songs, “Saved,” “Something in the Water” and “Still Burning.”

Dierks will sing lead on the two former songs, and Miranda will take over for the ladder.

Unfortunately, though, as of right now, the three songs will be exclusive to the episodes they appear on, and they don’t plan to ever feature them on an upcoming album or put them on streaming platforms.

So, if you want to hear their new tunes, you can tune into the show starting next Friday, May 12th at 9PM EST on CBS.

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