Pasta Mystery: 500 Pounds Of Cooked Spaghetti Mysteriously Dumped By Creek In New Jersey


I’ve got a lot of questions about this one.

Citizens of Old Bridge, New Jersey have been left puzzled by a hefty amount of cooked pasta being dumped alongside a creek. The pictures of the hundreds of pounds of spaghetti were originally taken by a woman by the name of Nina Jochnowitz.

She had taken the photos as evidence that the town was not responsibly taking care of the “sixth ward,” which can be presumed to be the area that Jochnowitz lives in. Then, as strange things usually do, it went viral on the internet.

In a recent Facebook post, Nina conceded that the town had cleaned up the river basin, but was still ignoring the “sixth ward” area that she lives in.

She must have been checking out an area of high pollution when she stumbled upon these massive piles of cooked spaghetti, linguine, and elbow pasta.

Jochnowitz states in her Facebook post:

“For us in the 6th ward it comes and no surprise when we see the dumping of construction and other garbage spewed in all of the neighborhoods. This week, there was a new type of dumping, of excessive food, PASTA.

A good Estimate is more than 500 pounds of pasta dumped adjacent to the streams intersecting with Hilliard and Mimi.
While it has been reported to our township administrator (myself) and I reckon that someone forwarded my post on this to the no-can-do Mayor knows…and his Call girls, they will ignore this food garbage…”

The strange pasta dumping has gone viral on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, with everyone asking the simple question: why?

What would cause someone to do this? Why would there be a need to dump this much uneaten pasta? Why not just dispose of it in a dumpster rather than hauling it down to a creekside?

Another important question is how do we know that the pasta weighed between 400 and 500 pounds? And if so, can you imagine how hard that must have been to haul down to this creekside? It seems like the pasta dump was more trouble than it needed to be.

The pasta has since been cleaned up the town of Old Bridge, but I would be skeptical if I were eating at any of the local Fazoli’s or Olive Gardens. Seems like it would’ve been a pretty good deal for a restaurant to swoop in and buy the noodles by the pound from the city at a pretty agreeable rate.

Remember earlier when I mentioned that the story went viral on Reddit? Let me tell you that some of the “pasta puns” that have come from that Reddit thread regarding the noodle dumping is some of the best comedy you’ll see today. I’ve collected some of the best comments below:

“We should send the perpetrators to the state penne-tentiary.”

“It was pasta expiration date.”

“This is a serious situation and you’re being fusilli.”

“That’s the last time they mess with Tony Macaroni.”

Reddit never disappoints. The pasta perpetrator is still at large.

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