Justin Moore’s New Album ‘Stray Dog’ Has Song Inspired By Rapper 50 Cent

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Justin Moore has been teasing his new album for quite some time. Well, the wait is (almost) officially over, because Stray Dog is finally being released tonight.

The project has a lot of meaningful, personal songs making up the album’s setlist, but the one that has turned a lot of heads is titled “Get Rich or Drunk Tryin'”, which is inspired by hip-hop artist 50 Cent.

Moore is “unleashing the Stray Dogs” tonight at an album release party in Nashville, which the artist teased on his Twitter account:

“Just a few more hours until ‘Stray Dog’ is unleashed! Can’t wait to bring the Album Release Party to y’all online from Nashville!

Make sure to set a reminder.”

Four of the eight songs from Moore’s new album have already been released as singles (“Everybody Get Along,” “With a Woman You Love,” “Stray Dogs,” and “You, Me, and the Whiskey”), with the others being revealed and released later tonight.

Many country fans who might have listened to hip-hop artist 50 Cent back in the day are interested to hear the last song on the album’s track list.

Moore discussed the song “Get Rich or Drunk Tryin'” and how it came to be in an interview with Billboard.

Moore told Billboard:

“I’ve had that title for like five or six years. When I was in high school, 50 Cent had that album out called Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

I just thought, ‘Man that’s a terrible alternative to not getting rich. Getting drunk would be a better alternative.’

I had thrown that title out probably six or seven times at previous writing sessions and it didn’t take. But in this session with Casey (Beathard), Paul (DiGiovanni) and Jeremy (Stover), everybody jumped on it.

We’ve been playing it live. I don’t know if we’ll release it as a single at some point, but some of these songs become hits during our live shows without being on the radio.”

Hip-hop inspired country music? Seems to be a pretty interesting idea.

If you simply can’t wait until tonight to listen to the studio album version, someone happened to shoot a video of one of those live performances that Moore talked about in the interview…


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