Joe Rogan Raves About Seeing Zach Bryan Headline Two Step Inn Festival: “The Vibe Was F*cking Magical”

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He’s not wrong about that…

Back in early April, Zach Bryan headlined the inaugural Two Step Inn festival in Georgetown, Texas, and it looked like a helluva weekend from start to finish, as they had an absolutely kickass lineup for their first year.

And while the festival was packed with 30,000 people screaming along to every word of Zach’s finale set, quite possibly no one had more fun than Joe Rogan, who was spotted by fans in the crowd as he watched from side stage:

Of course, Rogan is the worlds most popular podcast host and is a known country music fan, and he’s had many country music artists on in the past, including Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton and, most recently, Luke Combs.

And on top of those guests, he’s praised the likes of Colter Wall (who he’s tried to have on several times), Tyler Childers, Whiskey Myers and more.

So naturally, he didn’t miss his chance to see Zach perform live that weekend, which he shared quite about about in a post on Instagram earlier today, along with a video during the closing song “Revival,” saying Zach even tried to get him to sing some during the big finale.

Joe says he got scared and didn’t do it, but he did call the show “absolutely incredible,” adding that “the vibe was f*cking magical.”

In the caption, Joe also noted what a nice and sincere person Zach is, so suffice all that to say, I think Joe Rogan is a massive Zach Bryan fan now if he wasn’t before:

“A few weeks ago I had the amazing experience of seeing Zach Bryan play when he was in town.

And for the finale he had a bunch of people that were his friends brought onto the stage including Andre Fili and me and Zach tried to get me to sing but I pussied out. Hahahahaha! The show was absolutely incredible.

30,000 people having the time of their lives, and the vibe was fucking magical. Zach is one of the nicest, most sincere people you could ever hope to meet. If he’s playing near you don’t miss out!”

If you’ve ever seen ZB live, and even if you’ve only seen videos of his concerts online, then you know exactly what he’s talking about:

In my very humble opinion, I think Zach would be a natural next guest from the country music world on the massive Joe Rogan Experience podcast (though he rarely does any press), but it goes without saying that if anyone could pull it off, it would be Joe Rogan.

And hey, having Joe even share that one post on Instagram to his 16 million-plus followers means Zach might get a few extra spins and streams today, which is pretty damn cool, too.


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