Miranda Lambert’s Knack For Cheatin’ Songs Might Be Due To Her Parents’ Private Investigating Business: “My First Job Uncover Was When I Was 4”

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Miranda Lambert has become the master of producing vengeful, post-cheating, country music heartbreak ballads.

I mean, it doesn’t get much better than lines like:

“I don’t hate the one who left, you can’t hate someone who’s dead…”

As well as:

“You better be careful what you do, I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes if they ever found you out…”

And in recent interviews, Miranda alluded to a strange component of her childhood that could have doubled down on her cheating ballad background… and it’s different that what you might expect!

Miranda’s parents were actually private investigators throughout her young life, running a small business that consisted of sleuthing on people’s lives quite often.

And Miranda remembers playing a role in many of these odd situations, dressing up to pretend to sale cookies or just about anything to help her parents get the information they needed for their investigations.

“My parents were private investigators our whole life. My mom made me do my first job undercover when I was 4. And then she made me, one day, wear my cheerleading uniform from high school.

She made me pretend to sell cookies at the door so that I could peek in to see if there was anybody in there that wasn’t supposed to be. Meanwhile, she’s in the Suburban snapping away.

So all our childhood videos and photos, my mom has to go through without anyone in the room because we don’t know what’s going to be on it.”

With this little piece of her background becoming known, it’s easy to assume that Miranda may have subconsciously included a few of these crazy investigative stories into her own songwriting later in life.

In addition to being a pawn in the private investigating sphere, Miranda also shared in a recent sit-down interview, that many of her first songs were actually inspired by the events of her mom’s friends or her aunts’ lives and not her own.

In her cookbook, the “Bluebird” singer shared that gathering around the table or in the kitchen to cook were some of her most poignant memories she has from growing up.

But some of that togetherness also included storytelling, and she learned about the escapades and dramatics of the older ladies in her life, which inspired her songs later on.

Back in 2009, Miranda shared that “White Liar” only took 20 minutes to write, so maybe these themes just became second nature to her throughout the years!

As she’s matured in the industry, she’s even navigated her own fair share of personal scandals, and continued to share bits and pieces in songs throughout her career.

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