Badger And Coyote Hunt Together In Rare Video From Yellowstone National Park

Badger coyote

Nature doesn’t always make sense.

It certainly doesn’t here. These are two species that have many reasons to not be friends, but sometimes all you need is a friend.

Badgers are stocky mammals that are known for their sharp claws and distinctive black-and-white markings. They are found throughout much of North America, Europe, and Asia, and are most commonly found in open grasslands and deserts. Badgers can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh between 10-30 pounds. They are solitary animals that are primarily active at night, and feed on a variety of prey including rodents, snakes, insects, and ground-nesting birds.

Coyotes are canids that are found throughout much of North America.  They are typically gray or brown in color, with a bushy tail and pointed ears. Coyotes can grow up to 4 feet long and weigh between 20-45 pounds. They are opportunistic feeders that eat a wide variety of prey including rodents, rabbits, birds, insects, and carrion.

While coyotes and badgers are very different animals, they do occasionally interact in the wild. In particular, badgers and coyotes are known to form a unique and interesting hunting partnership. In this partnership, the badger will do the digging and the coyote will do the chasing. The badger will use its powerful claws to dig up ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and other burrowing prey, while the coyote will chase and catch any prey that tries to escape.

This partnership is thought to benefit both animals, as the badger is able to dig up prey that the coyote would not be able to catch on its own, and the coyote is able to chase down prey that the badger would not be able to catch.

This video shows a coyote and badger working together in Yellowstone National Park to bring home dinner.

The badger digs into the ground to flush a ground squirrel., and as it does the coyote is waiting to pounce on it and take it out.

Nature’s relationships are always cool.

Sometimes it takes more than one to be strong out there.

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