Post Malone Addresses Weight Loss Concerns With Cowboy Boot Photo: “Dad Life Kicked In… I’m The Happiest I’ve Been in a Long Time”

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Country music fans aren’t always open to having artists from other genres crossover into country, but I think the one artist that would get a pass is Post Malone.

“Posty” has always had a good relationship with country music in his career, and has even shared the stage with Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker before. Though he has never collaborated with a country artist, he has said in the past that he would love to give the “honky tonk” a try.

The rapper/singer grew up in the Dallas area, Post Malone is a certified Shania Twain fan and he’s been seen jamming to John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold,” he covered Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues” with Billy Strings at one of his shows, and said he wanted to do a song with George Strait.,

Hell, there’s been so many other examples…

Post Malone’s recent Instagram post has fans wondering if the new music that he is working on might be that country album he has been teasing. The picture he posted shows Malone posing next to a pair of camouflage cowboy boots, which is causing many to take that as a “subtle hint” towards the music he’s working on.

After giving a brief update on his health (due to some recent health scares and concerns), Post Malone opens up about changes in his life, his daughter, and sheds some light on new music he has been cooking up.

The caption reads:

“I’m having a lot of fun performing, and have never felt healthier. I guess dad life kicked in and I decided to kick soda, and start eating better so I can be around for a long time for this little angel.

Next up is smokes and brews, but I like to consider myself a patient man… lol! I’ve spent a bit in the studio lately working on new music, and am so excited to share it with you, thank you for your patience and support y’all. You make my heart beat. 

I just wanted to say hi, and hopefully I’ll be posting more on here, my brain is in a super dope place, and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

If you’re having a hard time or need some love, I can say that you’re loved more than you know, and keep f***ing crushing it. Goodnight nerds! Spread love and rock on.”

It’s great to see that Post Malone is in a better head space following some health scares, and it would be even greater if fans can soon tune into a country project by the popular hip-hop singer.

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show last year, Post Malone spoke about his passion for country music and what could possibly lead him to doing a country record one day.

“To be honest, there’s nothing stopping me from taking a camera or setting up in my studio in Utah and just recording a country album and me just putting it on f***ing YouTube. 

There’s nothing stopping me. I’m allowed to do that.”

Stern went on to ask why he hasn’t put together a country album already, to which “Posty” replied:

I am happily obligated to do concerts and show love to my fans, and then I’m happily obligated to write music and make beats by myself, and I’m happily obligated to, you know, take care of my family and take care of everybody.

So, it’s a lot of time, and it’s about finding that space to allot that time. So if I get another year to myself, maybe I’ll make a f***ing country album.”

A clip of his interview with Howard Stern can be seen here:

Thanks to some clips Post Malone has already released, it’s not a matter of if he could do a country album, but when. His gifted vocals could easily adapt to the classic country style, as he’s shown in some existing country covers he has done before.

None might be better than this video on YouTube of Post Malone covering Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her” and Sturgill Simpson’s “You Can Have The Crown” alongside Dwight Yoakam’s band.

Take a look:

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