Post Malone Says “There’s Nothing Stopping Me” When It Comes To Recording A Country Album

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We all know Post Malone is a big time country music fan.

The rapper grew up in the Dallas area, and he’s been seen jamming to John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold,” covered Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues” with Billy Strings at one of his shows, said he wanted to do a song with George Strait, and hell, there’s been so many examples.

And we can’t forget his insanely good renditions of Sturgill Simpson’s “You Can Have the Crown,” and Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her” at Matthew McConaughey’s “We’re Texas” virtual benefit concert with Dwight Yoakam’s band.

Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Post, sat down with Howard Stern to discuss everything from his face tats, his new album, his new baby, and everything in between.

He also dropped some of the best words of advice I’ve ever heard:

“There was a point in my life where I was not happy with who I was, and I was a fucking turd and I sucked, and now I just want to be better every fucking day. All we can do is just don’t be a dickhead, that’s the golden rule.”

Don’t be a dickhead… Got it.

However, one of the most intriguing parts of the interview, was when he brought up his desire to record a country record.

He told Stern:

“To be honest, there’s nothing stopping me from taking a camera or setting up in my studio in Utah and just recording a country album on YouTube. I’m allowed to do that, I’m a human being.”

Stern then asked him why he hasn’t done it, and Post responded:

“I split my time between a lot of different things because I am happily obligated to do concerts and show love to my fans.

And then I’m happily obligated to write music and make beats by myself, and I’m happily obligated to, you know, take care of my family. So, it’s a lot of time, and it’s about finding that space to allot that time.

If I get another year to myself, maybe I’ll make a fucking country album.”

So, the question is…

Is it only a matter of time before we actually have the Post Malone country album we’ve all been dying for?

For the time being, check out Posty covering Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” on The Howard Stern Show:

He also talked about writing music on the sh*tter… in fact, he writes about 30% of all his songs on the can.


And speaking of that Sturgill cover…

“You Can Have The Crown”

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