Go Behind The Scenes Of Ella Langley’s Opry Debut Ahead Of Her Debut EP

Ella Langley country music

Ella Langley is on the up and up.

You’ve probably become familiar with this rising star’s name over the past week upon her single release “That’s Why We Fight” featuring Koe Wetzel.

The first single release is a hell of a way to come out of the gate, with the release of her debut EP, Excuse This Mess, set for May 19th.

The extremely talented artist has already made quite some strides in her young career, including gracing the circle of The Grand Ole Opry.

The Alabama native made her Opry debut in mid-February, leaving quite the mark (so much so that she was signed to Sony Music Nashville a few days later). Listening to her backstory leading up to her Opry debut highlights some impressive attributes of the young artist.

She grew up in country music with her grandparents always playing music. From there, she caught the itch to pursue music.

“I’ve always been more of a performer. Writing songs has never been something that I felt super comfortable doing. 

That’s why I moved here to figure out how to do that.”

It’s quite the statement about her songwriting, given that she has five cuts on Elle King’s album.

Everything from this Opry debut was sentimental for Langley. She had her parents in the audience and an outfit that commemorates sew with significant meanings of her relationship with her grandparents.

“Ella is a great songwriter….she’s got an incredible vocabulary, a wonderful mastery of the English language.

She’s not just throwing away a bunch of B.S. lines about this or that; she really puts a lot of thought behind every line.”

Says Jamey Johnson behind the scenes before he introduces her to the Grand Ole Opry stage.

When she takes the stage, she tears the roof off with her single, “Hey Ma I Made It.” As she is nailing the tune, the camera pans to the crowd to her mom, wiping tears from her eyes.

Get Ella Langley on your radar… ASAP.

And if you haven’t, give her newest single a listen.

“That’s Why We Fight”


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