Ella Langley Releases Rockin’ Lead Single From ‘Excuse The Mess’ EP, “That’s Why We Fight,” Featuring Koe Wetzel

Ella Langley country music
Caylee Robillard

This one’s gonna be on repeat for a while.

Ella Langley released the lead single from her forthcoming debut Excuse the Mess EP today, which features Texas rocker Koe Wetzel, and if it’s any indication of what’s to come on the project, I think we’re in for some really great stuff from her here soon.

The production is very loud and rock and roll (and very Koe, hence why he’s featured), and the subject matter focuses on a toxic relationship that pretty much only works because the makin’ up makes all the fighting worth it, if ya know what I mean (also very Koe).

Ella previously said it “might be the most toxic song I’ve ever written,” and that’s probably true, but I think it’s certainly an experience and circumstance many people can relate to… for better or worse, I guess.

She also added:

“‘That’s Why We Fight’ is about one of those relationships where fighting is the thing that keeps you together. Your significant other is your favorite person to fight with. It adds a little spice and keeps things interesting.

I wouldn’t recommend a relationship like this, but we’ve all had one. I’ve been a fan of Koe for a long time, and it was really cool he jammed on it.”

Just take a look at some of the chorus:

“I drive you crazy, it drives me out my mind,
But baby we do one thing right,
That’s why we fight,
Put lightning in the sky,
Start smashing every bottle we keep bottled up inside,

I take it out on you,
Take it out on me too
Yeah we know some hell takes us to heaven
every time”

And of course, with Koe’s twangy vocals layered in there too, it makes for a very strong major label debut single (her first official release with new label Columbia Records), and is easily one of my favorites that’s been put out thus far in 2023.

We haven’t heard Koe featured on many other songs before either, so it’s cool to hear him on duet of sorts like this, and Ella has opened a few shows for Koe in the past, so it seems like a natural fit and great pair of artists teaming up here.

Ella made her Grand Ole Opry debut back in February, and is gearing up to hit the road with Jon Pardi this summer on his Mr. Saturday Night world tour, as well.

Her full EP will be out everywhere on May 19th, but until then, definitely do yourself a favor and give “That’s Why We Fight” a download and turn it up… I know I’m going to be blasting this one in the car with the windows rolled down for the foreseeable future:

“That’s Why We Fight”

Excuse The Mess tracklist:

1. Make Me Wanna Smoke
2. Excuse the Mess
3. Could’ve Been Her
4. That’s Why We Fight (feat. Koe Wetzel)
5. Country Boy’s Dream Girl
6. Hell Of A Man
7. Where You Left It
8. Don’t We All

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